How to use two WhatsApp accounts with GBWhatsApp

Using two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone with GBWhatsApp is really easy. We simply have to download the APK of GBWhatsApp to our phone where we’ve already installed WhatsApp and then register the new account with a telephone number different to that of the device on which we’re carrying out the installation. Bear in mind that this second phone number must be active because that’s where we’ll receive the activation code by SMS which we’ll have to insert in GBWhatsApp when requested.

Under normal circumstances, Android wouldn’t let us install two WhatsApp applications at the same time, and that goes for any other app, because that would mean creating a duplicate. Nevertheless, this WhatsApp MOD has been developed so our operating system thinks that we’re using two different applications despite being a simple modification of the original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is one of the best MODs out there thanks to its constant updates and interesting functions that allow us to gain a greater control over our privacy or over the customization of the application’s interface.

On the other hand, installing a MOD of the likes of GBWhatsApp isn’t the only way of being able to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. There are other alternative methods such as using applications that offer us so-called safe folders to isolate our apps and documents stored thereby and hide them from the rest of the operating system. Using one of these apps, we can download another official WhatsApp instance without having to resort to unknown third-party developments.