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Gladiator Heroes is a strategy game for Android devices that combines real-time strategy and turn-based gameplay with gladiators as the main characters

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The truth is that there aren't many games about gladiators on mobile platforms, whether Android or iPhone. There are a few titles about Romans, some of which are real-time strategy games, but they aren't very usual.

But don't worry because Gladiator Heroes is here to fix it, an Android game with some very original details, such as combining real-time strategy and turn-based strategy.

Fight for glory but also to defend your city.

Clash of Clans and company have brought back the frenzy for strategy games. In fact, here we'll start off in a similar manner, with a single gladiator who will have to take care of building a city from scratch that will be the foundations of the empire he must create.

As couldn't be otherwise, all lurking dangers and threats can be found in the online multiplayer mode as you'll find yourself in the middle a huge game arena just like in any MMO. That's where your skill to manage your resources and evolve your characters comes in, an aspect that will remind you of all those RPGs you've played.

Main features

  • Multiplayer game that will allow you to play against your friends and other players competing in a world ranking categorized by divisions.
  • Control the construction and growth of your cities.
  • Fight on different scenarios.
  • Evolve your weapons from wood to gold.
  • Use your strongest gladiators against your enemies in strategic places.
  • Customize and train your gladiators.
  • Earn experience points and chests and you win combats.

5 kinds of gladiators

There are different kinds of units available that you'll be able to use depending on how you advance through the game and how you want to fight against your enemies (although they won't give you too many options): from the most basic gladiator with a sword and shield to fiercest of them all, the lancer capable of attacking from a distance. Start downloading this APK right now and make the most of this great real-time strategy title that definitely won't disappoint you.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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