The best strategy games for Android

Lead armies, conquer the world, build alliances or wipe out your enemies in these great turn-based or real-time strategy games for Android devices

Clash of Clans 16.253.25 English
Clash of Clans 16.253.25

Android's most successful real-time strategy game

Plants vs. Zombies 3.5.3 English

Botanical wars against zombies

Clash Royale 60256021 English
Clash Royale 60256021

Real-time multiplayer battles in the world of Clash of Clans

Arknights 21.1.01 English
Arknights 21.1.01

Tower defense with anime aesthetics and lots of action

Plants vs. Zombies 2 11.4.1 English

Defend yourself against zombie invasion in your garden... once again

Lords Mobile 2.129 English

An impeccable game of military strategy and epic fantasy

Plague Inc. 1.19.17 English
Plague Inc. 1.19.17

Infect mankind with a lethal virus

Boom Beach 52.91 English
Boom Beach 52.91

Explore the archipelago like the first colonizers

Mafia City 1.7.265 English
Mafia City 1.7.265

Become the most powerful Mafia boss

Rush Wars 0.284 English
Rush Wars 0.284

A team strategy game from Supercell

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile English

The mythical battle royale shooter in pocket format

Age of History II 1.0592_LITE English
Age of History II 1.0592_LITE

Unify or conquer the world

Kingdoms & Lords 1.5.2n English

Transform your little village into an empire of war

Plants vs. Zombies 3 12.0.13 English

Free Neighborville from the zombie invasion

Pokémon Tower Defense 7.1 English

A retro tower defense inspired by Pokemon

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage 8.0.1 English

Recruit attractive heroes to fight for you

World at Arms 4.2.4d English

Defend the world against the KRA with help from your allies

Rusted Warfare 1.15 English

Retro-style real-time strategy game

Clash Mini 1.2592.6 English
Clash Mini 1.2592.6

Strategy game with miniature versions of Clash of Clans characters

Hamsters 1.94 English
Hamsters 1.94

Fight for the freedom of the planet with the warrior hamsters

Anthill 1.0.10 English
Anthill 1.0.10

Use the best strategy to protect the anthill 1.2.0 English 1.2.0

Conquer the world in this competitive game

Fly Corp 1.12 English
Fly Corp 1.12

Manage an airline and fill your pockets with money

Dune 2 0.9.13 English
Dune 2 0.9.13

The classic real-time strategy game

Warcraft Rumble 4.19.0 English

Lead a battalion of Warcraft miniatures

Civilization VI 1.2.5 English

The sixth installment of Civilization comes to Android

LEGO: Star Wars Battles 0.58 English

A decent strategy game based on Star Wars and LEGO

Toy Defense 2 2.23 English

A tower defense game based on World War II

Steel and Flesh 2 1.5 English

Fight to build an empire in the Middle Ages

Age of Empires Mobile English

The official mobile version of the legendary RTS

Castle Crush 4.9.1 English

Destroy the enemy's castle with your best strategy


Metal Slug tower defense game

Haunted Dorm 1.6.9 English

Idle tower-defense strategy game with RPG touches

DOKDO 1.16.6 English
DOKDO 1.16.6

Live a lot of adventures at the sea aboard your ship

Scary Robber 1.32.1 English
Scary Robber 1.32.1

Stealth, simulation, strategy, and robbers in the house

Dust Lands 8.4.9 English
Dust Lands 8.4.9

Build your indestructible bunker

Star Wars: Force Arena 3.2.4 English

Star Wars real-time strategy and card game

Tribal Mania 1.7 English

A Clash Royale set in the Persian Gulf

X-War: Clash of Zombies 3.10.8 English

Create your own superhero team and run your base

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements English

Breaking Bad's strategy game

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade English

Conquer the world with your civilization

Defense Zone 3 HD 1.6.30 English

Defend your bases with powerful defensive towers

Total War Battles: Kingdom 1.4.3 English

Real-time strategy game set in the Middle Ages

Episode - Choose Your Story 25.30 English

Change the outcome of the story depending on your decisions

Clash Quest 0.441.143 English
Clash Quest 0.441.143

Conquer the islands with your army of castaways

Tower War 1.18.5 English
Tower War 1.18.5

Multiply your soldiers and increase your towers to win the war

King or Fail 0.7.9 English

Rule a kingdom and work for the people

Into the Breach 1.2.76b English

Use strategy to save the world from an alien invasion

The Oregon Trail 1.22.1 English

Become an American settler

World of Airports 1.50.4 English

Airport and air traffic controller management simulator

Dictator's: No Peace 13.8 English

Become a dictator with imperialist airs and graces

Galaxy Life Reborn 1.7.0 English

An online multi-player strategy game

Magic Chess: Bang Bang English

Game that combines real-time strategy and chess

Dawn of Titans 1.42.0 English

A great real-time strategy MMO

Age of Frostfall 18.5.0 English

Build a kingdom in a dangerous frozen world

Legend City 2.0.1 English

Become a gangster and conquer the city

Pocket Troops 1.40.1 English

Create an army of pocket soldiers

Frontier Justice 1.390.001 English
Frontier Justice 1.390.001

Lead your people and fight the bandits in the Wild West

Merge Stories 4.82.0 English

Rebuild your kingdom by merging elements

Age of Apes 0.62.0 English
Age of Apes 0.62.0

Explore the space looking for bananas

Total Conquest 2.1.5a English

Classic RTS game for Android

Toy Defense Fantasy 2.19.0 English

Strategy tower defense game set in a fantastic medieval world

Star Wars: Commander English

Take sides in the war between the Empire and the Rebels

Ingress Prime 2.89.1 English

The augmented reality science fiction game

Last War: Survival Game 1.0.185 English

Real-Time Strategy, Survival, and Zombies

Sea of Conquest 1.1.200 English

An epic pirate adventure with battles on the high seas

Whiteout Survival 1.15.1 English

Survive amid a glacial apocalypse

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War 2.0.607648 English

The long-awaited strategy game based on The Lord of the Rings

Zombie Faction 1.5.1 English

Build a zombie-proof shelter and survive the zombie apocalypse.

State of Survival 1.21.50 English

Survival game with zombies and an interesting story

Cloud Raiders 7.8.2 English

Conquer your rivals' floating islands

Age of Sparta 1.2.5c English

Command the city of Sparta

MARVEL Battle Lines 2.23.0 English

Reconstruct the MARVEL Universe

Angry Birds Islands 1.2.2 English

An Angry Birds real-time strategy game

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.39.94 English

Start a card war in PvZ

Bloons TD Battles 6.19 English

Bloons in online battles

Castle Clash 4.5.1 English

Defeat your enemies without neglecting the defense of your castle

War of Evolution 70079 English

Evolve your own species and conquer the entire world

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus 1.18.14 English

Fantastic tactical battles set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe

Fake Future 1.2 English

Rebuild civilization in a dystopian future

Country Balls: World War 0.3.1104 English

Choose your national ball and conquer the world

World Provinces 1.15.1 English

Conquer the world or create a new one

Clash of Wizards 1.30.8 English

Create an invincible deck of cards and defeat your enemies

Stellaris 0.2.18 English
Stellaris 0.2.18

Manage an intergalactic empire and explore space

Kingdom Wars 1.7.1 English

A classic tower defense with great graphics

Tactile Wars 1.7.9 English

Lead your adorable little army

Army Men Strike 3.225.0 English

Strategy game featuring toy soldiers

Craft Royale 3.41 English

A crossover between Clash of Clans and Minecraft

Empires and Allies 1.136.2072638 English
Empires and Allies 1.136.2072638

Build your army and set out to defeat your enemy

Zombiflux 1.0.104 English
Zombiflux 1.0.104

Lead a group of survivors through a zombie apocalypse

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice English

Survive in a frozen world

Iron Marines 1.8.4 English

Take the lead of an interplanetary army

Viking Rise 1.4.150 English
Viking Rise 1.4.150

Lead a Viking tribe and conquer Midgard

4X: My Empire 1.1.9 English

Manage your kingdom and achieve glory

Kingdom Maker 30.0.2 English

Rule your own kingdom

Forge Defence 2.402 English

Protect your forge with defensive towers

Clash of Warpath 1.0.2 English

Superheroes go to war

Wild West Heroes 1.40.506.524 English
Wild West Heroes 1.40.506.524

Strategy and action game in the Wild West

Last Fortress: Underground 1.364.001 English

Build a shelter to protect yourself from zombies

RTS Siege Up! 1.1.106r11 English
RTS Siege Up! 1.1.106r11

Manage a kingdom and defend it from sieges

G.I. Joe: War on Cobra 2.1 English

The G.I. Joe real-time strategy game

Dungeon Keeper 1.8.94 English

Fantastic strategy game starring demons

Throne Rush 5.26.0 English
Throne Rush 5.26.0

Real-time epic fantasy strategy game

March of Empires: War of Lords 8.3.1a English

Real-time strategy game set in Medieval Europe

The Battle Cats 13.3.0 English

Conquer the worlds with your cats

Pokémon Duel 7.0.16 English

Pokémon's strategy board game

Epic War TD 2 1.04.5 English
Epic War TD 2 1.04.5

Tower defense with great graphics

Call of Duty: Heroes 4.9.1 English

A strategic Call of Duty

Kingdom Rush 5.6.14 English
Kingdom Rush 5.6.14

Choose the right strategy to wipe out your enemies

Marsaction 2 1.2.3 English

A Strategy, Building, and Survival on Mars Title

Total Battle 325.3.2167 English
Total Battle 325.3.2167

Lead your troops and rebuild an empire

DDTank Origin 1.5.35 English

Adjust the angle of fire and destroy your enemies

Mafia King 1.11.0 English
Mafia King 1.11.0

Management game set in the mafia world

Doomsday Shelter 1.20.70 English

Make your way through a world ravaged by zombies

Eternal Evolution 1.0.296 English

Build an army of heroes and face the enemies of the kingdom

Idle SWAT Academy Tycoon 2.0.0 English

Manage your own space agent academy

Silent Castle 1.4.14 English

Survive the night in a spooky castle

Dystopia RTS 3.3.5 English

Build a futuristic base and destroy your enemies

Big Business Deluxe 3.10.1 English

Run profitable businesses in your own city

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn English

Build your empire and conquer the world

Infinity Kingdom 2.5.5 English

Protect your land from invading gnomes

First Refuge: Z 1.40.0 English

Action and strategy game where you have to fight a zombie invasion

Summoner's Greed 1.74.2 English

A tower defense of sword and sorcery

D-MEN: The Defenders 2.0.402 English

A tower defense with superheroes

Battle Boom 1.1.22 English
Battle Boom 1.1.22

Multiplayer card-based military strategy game

Finally Ants 2.53 English

Construction and survival game with ants

Spooky Wars 01.03.04 English
Spooky Wars 01.03.04

Defend your tower with beings from the underworld

The Grand Mafia 1.2.251 English

Master the intricacies of the mafia world

MouseHunt 1.117.3 English
MouseHunt 1.117.3

Hunt the mice that have invaded the kingdom

Idle Zombies 1.1.26 English
Idle Zombies 1.1.26

Become a zombie hunter and save the city

West Game 6.4.0 English
West Game 6.4.0

Survive the Wild West

World War Doh 1.7.91 English

Real-time 1v1 strategy game based on cards

Art of War: Legions 7.3.0 English

Progressive Strategy Game

Chess Rush 1.12.59 English
Chess Rush 1.12.59

Role-playing and strategy game inspired by chess

Gears POP! 1.98 English

Funko Pop! and Gears of Wars come together

Grow Empire: Rome 1.9.4 English

Defend the city of Rome

Call of Duty: Global Operations 1.4.5 English

A strategic Call of Duty

Tiny Archers English
Tiny Archers

Defend your fortress against the attack of the goblins

BLACK COMMAND 3.00.01 English

Lead an elite command at war

Battle for the Galaxy 4.2.13 English

Real-time futuristic strategy game English 4.2.3

Conquer territory in this online multiplayer game

DomiNations 12.1300.1300 English
DomiNations 12.1300.1300

Fight from the Stone Age to the Space Era

Battle Glory 2 4.06 English

A great real-time strategy game

Age of Empire 2.5.15 English

Conquer the Medieval Europe

Heroes of Mavia 2.1.7 English

Build your realm and lead your army in a fantasy world

Rise of Arks 1.3.2 English

A waterborne survival game and a maritime legacy to build

Mad Survivor: Arid Warfare 1.2.1 English

Fight and survive to transform a ravaged world into an oasis

Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom 1.8.2 English

A magnificent tower defense with collectible characters

Command & Conquer: Legions 0.5.9470 English

Become a commander and save the world

Merge Kingdoms 1.8.0 English

Merge warriors and recruite historical heroes to expand your empire