The best strategy games for Android

Lead armies, conquer the world, build alliances or wipe out your enemies in these great turn-based or real-time strategy games for Android devices

Plants vs. Zombies 2 9.0.1 English

Defend yourself against zombie invasion in your garden... once again

Clash of Clans 14.93.6 English

The most popular real-time strategy game on Android

Clash Royale 3.6.1 English

Multiplayer battles in the world of Clash of Clans

Plants vs. Zombies Free 2.9.09 English
Plants vs. Zombies Free 2.9.09

Botanical wars against zombies

Plants vs. Zombies 3 20.0.265726 English

The third part of the tower defense game par excellence

Clash Quest 0.175.98 English
Clash Quest 0.175.98

Conquer the islands with your army of castaways

Pokémon Tower Defense 1.1 English

Retro tower defense based on Pokémon

Anthill 1.0.10 English
Anthill 1.0.10

Use the best strategy to protect the anthill

Boom Beach 43.87 English
Boom Beach 43.87

Explore the archipelago like the first colonizers 0.5.1 English 0.5.1

Conquer the world in this competitive game

Royal Fish Hunter 1.0.5 English

Fishing with shooting

Civilization VI 1.2.0 English

The sixth installment of Civilization comes to Android

Kingdoms & Lords 1.5.2n English

Transform your little village into an empire of war

Rush Wars 0.284 English
Rush Wars 0.284

A team strategy game from Supercell

Age of History II 1.059124_LITE English
Age of History II 1.059124_LITE

Unify or conquer the world

Arknights 3.0.01 English
Arknights 3.0.01

Tower defense with anime aesthetics and lots of action

Castle Crush 4.5.8 English

Destroy the enemy's castle with your best strategy

Star Wars: Force Arena 3.2.4 English

Star Wars real-time strategy and card game

Rusted Warfare 1.13.3(b) English
Rusted Warfare 1.13.3(b)

Retro-style real-time strategy game

LEGO: Star Wars Battles 0.55 English

A decent strategy game based on Star Wars and LEGO

The Grand Mafia 1.0.9 English

Master the intricacies of the mafia world

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires 2.53 English

Real-time military strategy game set in a world of medieval fantasy

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes 1.36.42 English

Start a card war in PvZ

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade English

Conquer the world with your civilization

Art of War 3 1.0.90 English
Art of War 3 1.0.90

Military RTS game for Android

Art of War: Legions 4.2.6 English

Progressive Strategy Game

Infinite Lagrange 1.1.102351 English
Infinite Lagrange 1.1.102351

Explore space and conquer the galaxy

Galaxy Life Reborn 1.7.0 English

An online multi-player strategy game

Animal Warfare 2.2.1 English

Interesting incremental animal combat simulator

Age of Sparta 1.2.5c English

Command the city of Sparta

Pokémon Duel 7.0.16 English

Pokémon's strategy board game

State of Survival 1.11.82 English

Survival game with zombies and an interesting story

Castle Clash 1.9.1 English

Defeat your enemies without neglecting the defense of your castle

Evony: The King's Return 3.87.5 English

Choose a culture and lead your empire to glory

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements English

Breaking Bad's strategy game

Godzilla Battle Line 1.1.1 English

Monster and kaiju duels in mobile format

The Battle Cats 10.4.1 English

Conquer the worlds with your cats

Call of Duty: Global Operations 1.4.5 English

A strategic Call of Duty

Island War 1.4.2 English
Island War 1.4.2

Let's conquer the islands!

Game of Warriors 1.4.5 English

A strategy and tower defence game with very cute graphics