Warcraft Rumble Android

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Miniatures come to life in Warcraft Rumble, a fantastic game by Blizzard Entertainment that invites players to participate in strategic PvE and PvP battles


Lead a battalion of Warcraft miniatures

March 8, 2024
8 / 10

Warcraft Rumble Android is an impressive action and strategy game with 3D tower defense elements for cell phones created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is inspired by one of its most iconic sagas: World of Warcraft. Its main attraction is that the warriors with whom we are going to fight with miniatures that detach from the base and come to life on the virtual board.

The minis have never been so fierce

According to Blizzard, Warcraft Rumble APK is the first game of the Warcraft saga created from scratch for mobile devices. Your mission is to assemble a balanced army of miniatures made up of heroes and villains from the Warcraft universe. Characters such as Jaina Proudmoore, Grommash Hellscream, Hogger and many others are not missing, to complete a dazzling cast of more than 60 minis from all over Azeroth. In addition, this fantastic title is complemented by the following features:

  • Army entirely made up of miniatures.
  • PvE and PvP matches against other players.
  • Simple controls through miniatures that behave like moving defensive towers.
  • Five playable factions: Alliance, Horde, Beasts, Undead and Black Rock.
  • New and classic scenarios in which the action unfolds.

An action and strategy game for mobiles in which collectible Warcraft miniatures come to life to engage in epic melee battles.

The whole is a dynamic, visually appealing game with great potential. However, although when you download Warcraft Rumble for free assures you a few hours of fun, we would have appreciated a more risky and innovative bet. Warcraft fans will like it, but the truth is that the proposal is not particularly groundbreaking... beyond some miniatures that come to life to fight on your mobile.

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