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Arknights is an original 'tower defense' game with an exquisite graphic section that combines all the components of strategy and Role Playing Games


Tower defense with anime aesthetics and lots of action

April 16, 2024
7 / 10

The Yostar Limited studio offers us this wonderful strategic adventure with an exquisite graphic design in anime style and a collection of unforgettable characters. Arknights APK is a 'tower defense' game in which we will get into the skin of an amnesic doctor. Once we download Arknights Android, we will become one of the key members of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that stands between survivors and a deadly infection.

Action, strategy and defense in a post-apocalyptic world

Together with Amiya and an elite team of fighters, our mission will be to recruit operators, train them and strategically assign them at every level to protect the innocent and prevent the spread of the disease. Will you be up to the task?

Great anime style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements.

Although Arknights APK is full of details that complement it, the main task is to apply a certain strategy on each screen to prevent the enemies that are emerging from the different points to cross our defensive lines. To do this, we must place our different characters, distributing them in tactical points where they can best deploy their attacks.

An extraordinary team of heroes

Each character has different skills and scope, which we will have to take into account when deploying them. There are defensive characters, melee fighters, ranged warriors, mages... Besides, we won't be able to use as many as we want, since we have limited units, and each of them has a cost in points. Once our warriors are on screen, we'll have to choose the direction of their attack and we'll just have to wait and see how things develop, as well as continue to deploy units on the battlefield if we have any left.

Throughout the game, we will be recruiting new heroes with different powers that will complement our lines of attack. All of them are unique and have different attacks, so their variety will be a decisive factor in our missions.

This is an outstanding game that goes beyond the usual rules of 'tower defense'. Also, its beautiful and carefully designed anime aesthetics contrasts brilliantly with this dark and chaotic world in a rather dull cyberpunk environment. On the other hand, the soundtrack is also very cool. If you like tower defense and apocalyptic stories, it takes a while to download Arknights Android.

What's new in the latest version

  • Location and gaming experience improvements.

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