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Episode - Choose Your Story is a game with several stories: love, drama, mystery, comedy... You'll have to answer all the questions and see how it ends

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Although role-playing books aren't as popular as yesteryear and this genre is more widely accepted in video game format, it's living a second youth in the form of interactive graphic novels for mobile phones. That's the case of Episode - Choose Your Story, a game for Android in which you'll read a story becoming its main character and changing the outcome of the latter depending on the decisions you make.

But if there's something that draws our attention about this application that's definitely its topics: Demi Lovato stories, Pretty Little Liars, and Mean Girls. Who hasn't ever dreamed of more stories about Regina George and the girls that dress up in pink on Wednesdays?

Wouldn't it be incredible if you were a character of your favorite story?

But apart from these strange choices for an app of this nature, there are other topics with which you can spend hours having fun and reading:

  • Popular.
  • Romance.
  • Drama.
  • Mystery.
  • Comedy.
  • Fantasy.

Live your own pregnancy, flirt with cool dudes, solve mysteries... and all the latter from a single app. And although it's for free, you can unlock certain choices, chapters, and stories by means of diamonds and tickets that can be bought with the game's virtual money or by means of in-app purchases with real money. The graphics aren't too special but they're cute and attractive, and the movement of the characters is quite smooth and fluid.

Episodes allows you to live your own stories.

Cheats and tricks

The best advice we can give you about this game is that you let things happen around you according to your own decisions. But if you're not too keen on just letting things happen and you want something else, there are a few secrets you should know: there's a guide with answers that you can find on the Internet, and also an online tool to generate unlimited gems and diamonds. But it's up to you whether to use these cheats or not.

Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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