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Carry out automatic translations with Google Translate Client. Select text from any application and obtain its translation with Google Translate Client


Select text and immediately obtain its translation

March 23, 2019
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Google's translator is one of the tools available when it comes to translating a text. This said, Google Translate Client is a small tool that offers us the possibility to use the translation service offered by Google instantly with different programs like office suites and web browsers.


  • Obtain immediate translations between the most important languages from the Google translation service.
  • Two ways of using it: select the text anywhere and obtain a translation immediately or use the client to paste the text that you want to translate in the corresponding box.
  • Install all kinds of dictionaries.
  • Includes language detection features.
  • Compatible with browsers, office suites, instant messaging clients, etc.
  • Listen to the translations.

A translator with new features

The majority of translators offer in their interface a box where it's possible to input the sentences to obtain their translation. Google Translate Client also does so, but it also offers another very useful way of using it.

The program places an icon in the system tray. From this icon it will be possible to configure how it works. When the icon is orange, each time that a text is selected a small symbol will appear at the end of the text. It will only be necessary to press it to see the automatic translation without any need to leave the window where you're working.

Download Google Translate Client for free to carry out text translations very comfortably.

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