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Do you miss those Guitar Hero games? If so, now you can get back to enjoying that addictive musical dynamic on your Android device with Guitar Flash


A game for playing the guitar on your Android screen

October 16, 2023
8 / 10

The Guitar Hero series had quite an impact on society a few years back. Through its different editions, we were able to pretend for a few hours that we knew how to play like a real guitar virtuoso. It all felt pretty close to the real thing, or at least that is what the musically inexperienced thought. But, hey, dreaming is nice and it’s free, so here we have Guitar Flash Android. If you miss thrashing your guitar, don’t hesitate to download Guitar Flash APK to your Android.

Play the notes at the right moment and show everyone what a great guitarist you are.

Play solo or challenge your buddies

Guitar Flash APK offers you an entertaining musical experience directly inspired by the Guitar Hero series. The app’s developers aren’t hiding it even a bit. Choose a song, difficulty level, and play all the notes at the right time to become the best guitar player on the app. Difficulty levels are divided into:

  • Easy: three notes.
  • Medium: four notes.
  • Difficult: five notes.

Use your special power to get more points and climb the global table. You can also spin out the experience by getting hooked with your friends, given that the game has a multi-player mode using Facebook.

This game may not have the same charm as the Guitar Hero series, simply because playing on a tablet or phone screen loses much of the realism of hitting fret buttons on a plastic instrument. However, if you download Guitar Flash Android you'll have a great substitute that you can carry with you everywhere. At least you can play this app on the street or on the subway without getting weird looks.

What's new in the latest version

  • Added All-Time Ranking.
  • Added Favorites feature in the setlist.
  • Added song difficulty level filter.
  • Possibility to add MP3 of songs.
  • Update to the setlist.
  • Visual improvements.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1
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