The best music games for Android

Sharpen your hearing, bring out your inner beat and prove that you know more than anyone else about music, instruments and songs, guessing or playing different melodies in this collection of music games for Android

Friday Night Funkin' 0.2.8 build 1 English
Friday Night Funkin' 0.2.8 build 1

Music game that challenges your sense of rhythm

Piano Tiles 2 English
Piano Tiles 2

Second part of Piano Tiles for Android

Magic Tiles 3 10.052.004 English
Magic Tiles 3 10.052.004

Music game for Android

Beat Fire 1.2.09 English
Beat Fire 1.2.09

Aim and shoot to the beat of the music

Guitar Flash 2.00 English

A game for playing the guitar on your Android screen

Hot Song Piano Tiles 1.2.29 English

Play the notes with the piano to the rhythm of the music

FNF Beat Battle 1.4 English

Music game based on Friday Night Funkin'

Hop Ball 3D 1.7.7 English

Bounce the ball around the platforms to the beat of the music

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! 2.0.0 English

Hatsune Miku's musical game

Opsu! 0.16.0b English
Opsu! 0.16.0b

An open-source beatmap game

Sunday Night Music Battle 1.9 English

Minimalist rhythm battles to the beat of the music

Tiles Hop 4.4.2 English
Tiles Hop 4.4.2

Control the ball to the beat of the music

Music Tiles 4 1.07.01 English
Music Tiles 4 1.07.01

Follow the rhythm of the music in this colorful game

FNF Music Battle 1.25 English

Take on Tabi, your girlfriend's ex, in an MC duel

Idol Party 1.3.1 English
Idol Party 1.3.1

Rhythm game with excellent graphic design

Piano Music Go 2.26 English

Follow the rhythm of the songs and tap on all the tiles

Color Hop 3D 2.2.3 English

Jump on the right color platform to the music

TunesHolic 2.1.8 English
TunesHolic 2.1.8

Follow the music in this colorful game

Looper! 1.5.1 English
Looper! 1.5.1

Play with your sense of rhythm

Real Drum 10.6.1 English
Real Drum 10.6.1

Become an expert drummer

Piano Fire 1.0.79 English
Piano Fire 1.0.79

Simple and beautiful virtual piano simulator

NEXT Music English
NEXT Music

Follow the rhythm of the music on your Android

Piano Holic 2.1.0 English

Play songs on the piano following the rhythm

Piano Master 2 4.0.2 English
Piano Master 2 4.0.2

A piano karaoke

Boomstar 1.0.9 English
Boomstar 1.0.9

Play the piano to the rhythm of African music

Duet Cats 1.0.11 English
Duet Cats 1.0.11

Follow the rhythm of the music with your two cats

Magic Jump 2.3.9 English
Magic Jump 2.3.9

Jump on the platforms to the beat of the music

Anime Tiles 2.0.18 English
Anime Tiles 2.0.18

Follow the rhythm of anime songs in this piano simulator

Game of Songs 3.17.2 English

Enjoy silly games while listening to classic super hits

DEEMO II 2.1.2 English
DEEMO II 2.1.2

Use the power of music to save a world in peril

Dream Piano 1.80.0 English
Dream Piano 1.80.0

Entertaining music game about playing the piano

Dancing Ball Saga 1.1.6 English

Move the ball to the rhythm of the music

SUPER PADS 4.5.7 English

Game about making music

Malody 4.3.7 English
Malody 4.3.7

Rhythm game featuring several game modes

Cyber Surfer 4.6.7 English

Fly on your hoverboard and smash the beams of light with your sword

Lanota 2.5.1 English
Lanota 2.5.1

Explore a magical world through music

Dynamix 3.15.00 English
Dynamix 3.15.00

Follow the rhythm with your fingers

Music Racer 76 English

Racing game to your own sounds

Lethe 1.7.9 English
Lethe 1.7.9

A wonderful musical adventure

FNF Exe 1.1 English
FNF Exe 1.1

A new version of the most irreverent rhythm game

Dancing Hair 1.0.43 English
Dancing Hair 1.0.43

Follow the rhythm of the music to get great hair

Beat Craft 1.7.9 English
Beat Craft 1.7.9

Rhythm game with your favorite songs

Beat Cat English
Beat Cat

A musical game starring a cat that has a lot of rhythm

SuperStar IZONE 1.2.11 English

Follow the song rhythms of this musical group

UniPad 3.6.0b5 English
UniPad 3.6.0b5

Keep up with the music in this Android drum machine

Beat Roller 1.39 English

Music, design and color in the shape of an arcade

Beat Jumper 2.6.9 English

Bounce the ball from one platform to another following the music beat

SuperStar JYPNATION 3.7.8 English

The Guitar Hero game that's a hit in Asia

SuperStar BTS 1.9.6 English

Guitar Hero style game based on BTS

Lost in Harmony 2.3.0 English

A music odyseey on your Android

Cytus 10.1.2 English
Cytus 10.1.2

Manage to follow the rhythm

Rolling Twins 0.1.12 English

Follow the rhythm of the music with two mirrored balls

Ensemble Stars Music 1.13.3620 English

Anime-style rhythm game starring cute boys

FNF Beat Shoot English
FNF Beat Shoot

New installment of the tackiest musical battles game

FNF Corrupted Night 1.0 English

A new version of the tackiest rhythm game

Musicat! English

A kawaii rhythm game with kittens

Fridaynight Music Clash 1.4 English

Multiplayer music battles with a macabre twist

Jingle Quiz 2.1.0 English

Guess the brand hidden behind the jingle

Queen: Rock Tour 1.1.6 English

Musical game dedicated to Queen and its legacy

Beat Blader 3D 1.10.33 English

Smash blocks and enjoy your favorite songs

SuperStar GFRIEND 2.12.3 English

GFRIEND K-Pop group musical game

Beat Shooter 6.4 English

Follow the rhythm in electronic tunes

Marshmello Music Dance 1.7.0 English

Rhythm game with Marshmello

Piano Beat 5.3 English

Music game that simulates piano-playing

Sweet Dance 19.0 English

Liven up your romantic relationship in this rhythm game

Sonic Cat 1.7.2 English
Sonic Cat 1.7.2

Keep up with a galactic cat

LIT Killah 3.3.1 English
LIT Killah 3.3.1

Keep up with the rapper's music

WeDrum 3.43.3 English
WeDrum 3.43.3

Realistic drums simulator for your Android device

Drums 2.32.01 English
Drums 2.32.01

Music simulator to play the drums

Give It Up! 1.9 English

Musical game with a neat artistic design

BanG Dream! 5.6.0 English

Follow the rhythm in the company of beautiful girls

Music Hero 2.3 English

Game for playing the guitar on Android

Arcaea 3.8.6 English
Arcaea 3.8.6

Play with songs in a forgotten world

BEAT MP3 2.0 2.5.6 English

A 2.0 Guitar Hero

Rock Hero 2 2.23 English

Show off your inner guitarist

Guitar Band Battle 1.7.2 English

Entertain yourself playing the guitar online

My Music Hero 6.0.5 English

A Guitar Hero-like online game

Love Live! School idol festival 9.11 English

Music game presented as high-school festival

Dot n Beat 2.1.8 English
Dot n Beat 2.1.8

Control the light dot to the rhythm of the music

Tap Tap Music 1.4.11 English

Music game similar to Guitar Hero

SuperStar PLEDIS 1.11.13 English

Music game with Japanese pop bands

SuperStar SMTOWN 3.5.6 English

The South Korean Guitar Hero

FaceDance Challenge! 6.0.1 English

Dance to the rhythm of the music with your face

VOEZ 2.2.0 English
VOEZ 2.2.0

Music game with anime aesthetics

Black Tiles 1.0.92 English
Black Tiles 1.0.92

Follow the rhythm by tapping piano tiles

Music & Beat 1.1.7 English

The game that puts your music skills to the test

Rock Hero 7.2.11 English
Rock Hero 7.2.11

Play the guitar without missing the rhythm

Guess The Song - Music Quiz 4.4.9 English

An entertaining musical quiz game

Magic Piano 3.1.1 English

Play hundreds of songs on the piano

SongPop 2 2.18 English
SongPop 2 2.18

A music quiz for your Android

Dancing Dog 3.1.1 English

Play doggy versions of the most popular songs

Universe Hero 3D 1.4.7 English

Run with the superheroes to the beat of the music

GT Beat Racing 1.2.7 English

Drive a sports car to the rhythm of the music

Dream Hopper 1.5.9 English

Jump from one dream to another to shape them

Keylimba 6.6 English

Play the kalimba in this virtual simulator

SuperStar CLASS:y 3.7.20 English

Rhythm game featuring K-pop songs

Piano Star 1.1.7 English
Piano Star 1.1.7

Play your favorite songs on the piano to the rhythm of the music

Catch Tiles 1.9.6 English

Rhythm game with adorable animal drawings

iDaft Jamming 1.5.4 English

A mixing desk inspired by Daft Punk tunes

Piano Trip 1.3.10 English
Piano Trip 1.3.10

Play piano with some very cute keys

Hextech Mayhem 1.0.4 English

The spin-off of the League of Legends

KALPA 1.0.91 English
KALPA 1.0.91

A beautiful rhythm game anime style

Beatstar English

Play along to the rhythm of dozens of songs

SuperStar ATEEZ 3.3.11 English

The official music game of the K-pop boy band ATEEZ

Music Blade 3.6 English

Musical rhythm game with cyberpunk touches and EDM melodies

Magic Pink Tiles 1.2.0 English

Play a digital piano in this shimmering rhythm game

Dancing Race 2.0.8 English

Parades in high heels to the rhythm of musical hits

Lyrica 4 English

Extraordinary rhythm game combining music and calligraphy

Harmony 4.4.2 English
Harmony 4.4.2

Relaxing minimalist musical puzzles

Beat Run! 1.4.6 English
Beat Run! 1.4.6

Follow the rhythm of the music with adorable little dragons

My Music Tower 01.00.70 English
My Music Tower 01.00.70

Rhythm game with decorative elements

Dancing Blade 1.2.5 English

Rhythm game with electronic music

Beat Racing 1.6.7 English

Car racing to the beat of the best music

Infinite Tiles 3.3.1 English

Touch the tiles to the beat of the music

Rhythm Hive 4.0.0 English

Rhythm game with South Korean boy bands

Project: Muse 6.4.0 English

Keep the beat in this cutting-edge musical game

Finish The Lyrics 4.1.0 English

Complete the songs' lyrics

Talking Rapper English

Rap togehter with Tom

SuperStar YG 3.0.17 English
SuperStar YG 3.0.17

A rhythm game with your favorite K-pop songs

SuperStar WOOLLIM 3.1.12 English

Rhythm game with K-pop songs

BTS Piano Tiles 0.8 English

Piano simulator with songs from BTS

Blade Master 1.2.9 English

A rhythm game, with cats!

Beat Sword 1.1.0 English
Beat Sword 1.1.0

Cut the blocks to the rhythm of the music

Rhythm Games 0.3.3 English

Original and easygoing rhythm game

Beat Blade 2.3.0 English
Beat Blade 2.3.0

Musical endless runner

SuperStar STARSHIP 3.4.2 English

K-pop, collectible cards and rhythm game, all in one