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Nope, Guitar Hero-style games aren't dead, as proven by this SuperStar JYPNATION for Android. It's a game in which you can play the greatest Asian hits

The Guitar Hero game that's a hit in Asia

July 22, 2022
7 / 10

Asian mobile games can be really complex. They always include hundreds of menus, collectible cards, all sorts of coins and bonuses that you never get around to understand what they're for. And this game is none the different.

However, SuperStar JYPNATION is a musical game that follows suit to Guitar Hero, and we all know how to play that. As soon as you manage to close all the pop-ups and view all the explanations about the game's different elements, you'll be able to access a huge list of songs you can play with your fingers.

This game is really a sample released by the Korean music label JYP ENTERTAINMENT. Here, you can play almost fifty songs from the singers and bands they represent, although you probably won't know any of them. But that doesn't mean it's not great fun, and you'll be able to discover how bizarre Korean music can be.

Main features of SuperStar

  • We can play the songs from 10 artists belonging to the Korean label company JYP ENTERTAINMENT.
  • Includes up to 660 collectible cards of all singers and members of dozens of Korean bands.
  • 3 difficulty levels for each song (easy, normal, and hard).
  • We can win star cards to improve our skills.
  • We can compete every week against other users at our same level.
  • The game shows weekly rankings with the top scores.

Artists belonging to JYP ENTERTAINMENT

As we mentioned above, these names probably won't ring a bell. But they are Korean superstars known at international level. The game includes songs from the following bands and singers:

  • JY Park.
  • Wonder Girls.
  • Sunmi.
  • 2AM.
  • 2PM.
  • Baek A Yeon.
  • TWICE.
  • And many others.

Requirements and additional information:

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