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Enter a world of dreams and fantasy in Dream Hopper, a beautiful dreamlike game that invites players to enjoy a fascinating visual and sound experience


Jump from one dream to another to shape them

February 13, 2024
6 / 10

Dream Hopper is a fantastic casual 3D puzzle game that invites players to take a dazzling journey into the territory of dreams and the subconscious. With the help of a digital grasshopper, you will shape beautiful technicolor unreal visions.

Prepare your mind before going to sleep

The goal of this title is none other than to enjoy a quiet moment to relax and disconnect. Thus, there are no big missions or challenges. Moreover, your character can not fall or die, so everything is designed to let go and enjoy the experience and that is it.

How do you play? On each level, you will play with a small magical creature called grasshopper, who is responsible for activating the colors of the pieces that make up the dreams. Your task is just to click or slide your finger on the screen at the right time so that the little grasshopper jumps to the next platform.

Jump to the rhythm of hypnotic melodies to reveal unreal and technicolor visions.

When all the lights that make up the puzzle turn on, you will see a beautiful figure that will become part of your dream library. In addition, the APK file download includes several grasshoppers with different designs, trails, and special effects, as well as an exquisite soft melody soundtrack.

Overall, this game is a marvel. It's beautiful, very well designed, and it's perfect for relaxing. However, if you want strong emotions, look elsewhere.

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