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Queen: Rock Tour is a Guitar Hero-style music game app that explores the repertoire and history of Queen, one of the greatest rock bands in history


Musical game dedicated to Queen and its legacy

January 27, 2022
9 / 10

Ok, when it comes to Queen we must confess that we are not objective, so any app or game that is dedicated to one of the best rock bands in world history seems fine to us. So, let's talk about Queen: Rock Tour, a Guitar Hero-style game that will take us through the repertoire and career of the legendary London band.

From Queen's beginnings to the legend's birth

This game offers us the chance to play many of the greatest hits from Queen's career. And it does so in a progressive way, both in terms of his repertoire (we start with the first of his albums, Queen I), as well as in terms of difficulty, since as we progress, it will get more challenging.

The gameplay might be familiar to you: the songs play and we have to press the right buttons at the right time to play the notes of each song. This will let us advance and unlock the group's musical releases, such as A Night at the Opera, A Kind of Magic, Innuendo, or The Works. And we will also be able to unlock scenarios where they played their most memorable concerts, such as Wembley, Live Aid, the Rainbow in London, or the National Bowl in Milton Keynes.

The game lets us play with the different members of the band, discovering the skills of each of them and the milestones achieved together. All this with a nice aesthetic that is very reminiscent of Funko toys.

In short, let's go right to the point: download it now, it's a Queen's game.

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