Hide and Seek: Who is Daddy Android

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Feel the thrill of playing hide and seek once again with Hide and Seek: Who is Daddy, a cute action game where we can take on different roles in each game


Play hide-and-seek with some very naughty babies

January 15, 2024
7 / 10

The Hide and Seek: Who is Daddy Android app is a 3D action game that invites us to play hide and seek with some very restless babies from a fresh point of view because, in this game, we can play different roles. In other words, you can either play as the hider or the seeker.

Feel like a kid again!

The gameplay dynamics of Hide and Seek: Who is Daddy APK are quite simple: the parents (and other seekers) must search for the babies, while the babies have to run away from them until the time runs out. The controls are also very user-friendly, as we only have a virtual joystick to move the characters through the stages and the ability to move the camera.

Your favorite childhood game has been transformed into an exciting mobile game.

Additionally, all characters have special powers (GPS, invisibility, magnet, and super speed) you can unlock by watching advertisements. On the other hand, babies can transform themselves into objects in an attempt to go unnoticed in the eyes of adults.

The game also features various skins to customize the appearance of the babies. The result is a light and casual game without great pretensions but with a lot of ads. However, at least we can download Hide and Seek: Who is Daddy for free and even play it without an internet connection.

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