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Hyper Evolution is a relaxing and entertaining survival simulator in which players must help the creatures to successfully evolve throughout history

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If you are having one of those days when you just want to watch the world burn and need to disconnect for a while, the guys at SayGames have created this nice game for you. Help all kinds of creatures feed and evolve. Any resemblance to Darwin's theory of evolution is mere coincidence, but the proposal is interesting and entertaining.

Darwin would turn in his grave...

Downloadi the Hyper Evolution APK file and dive into a beautiful world designed with minimalist 3D graphics in low poly style. Your mission in this beautiful evolutionary simulator is helping different creatures to fill their bellies and thus evolve.

The adventure starts at the bottom of the sea, with some colorful little fishies. When you have fed your fish enough, it will evolve to a superior species. From fish to turtles, from turtles to lizards... and so on, passing through dinosaurs and humans and other beings.

Of course, each creature has its predator. Therefore, we must eat and avoid being eaten.

Start the game as a small fish in a vast ocean and make your way through eons of history on the long rocky road to civilization.

The idea couldn't be simpler, but it offers relaxing mechanics and beautiful graphics. It lacks some music and some scientific background, but still, it is an enjoyable experience if you don't think too much about Darwin.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
SayGames Ltd
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