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Get the customer satisfaction by preparing the ice cream as they want, both its taste and toppings in the application Ice Creamz Roll for Android devices


Work at a colorful ice-cream shop

June 15, 2021
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Some time ago, the small shops in the big cities were filled with frozen yogurt of all flavors, then came the bubble wafers with millions of toppings, and now the new trend are ice cream rolls.

This type of ice cream is prepared with liquid creams and the ingredients requested by the customer. The ingredients are poured and chopped on a frozen plate, flattened, and then rolled up with a metal spatula. Then, the ice cream rolls are placed in a jar and all the toppings imaginable are added: chocolate noodles, jelly beans, fruit, chocolates, grated coconut, cookies, and more! Does it sound tasty or do you think it is too much sugar?

Prepare tasty ice cream rolls of all flavors

Whatever the answer, making these ice creams seems like so much fun. That is why we have Ice Creamz Roll. This is a colorful casual game from the HarmonyBit studio where you will become an employee in one of these ice-cream shops.

Level by level, customers will come in and ask for ice cream with different flavors and toppings. You should prepare the ice cream as best as possible, so your customers can be satisfied and happy to pay you. Pour in the milk, add the right flavor and color, spread it out, add the filling if necessary, and all the toppings you have been asked.

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