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iDeaS is an emulator of the popular portable Nintendo DS game console. Download iDeaS for free and play Mario Kart, Zelda or Pokemon on your computer


Enjoy the best Nintendo DS titles on your PC

June 4, 2018
6 / 10

Titles like Mario Kart, Zelda or Pokemon have managed to make the Nintendo DS the most popular portable game console worldwide, thus causing many emulators to appear, that allow us to enjoy these games on any PC.

iDeaS appears as one of the best alternatives to emulate Nintendo DS games on our computer, because it's really simple to use, and furthermore, it perfectly emulates how the portable machine by Nintendo works.

The interface will show us two screens, just like the console: one that can be controlled with the mouse (as if it where the pencil of the original game console) and another that is controlled by means of the keyboard, allowing us to configure the keys however we want.

The program is compatible with ROMs in PME, BIN and NDS format, that can be dragged straight to iDeaS to launch them.

Not having a Nintendo DS will no longer be an excuse to not try the latest games launched for this great game console, thanks to iDeaS.

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Antony Peel