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1.0.0 If you like Pokemon games and are ready for a new adventure, Infinity Island offers a unique world inhabited by hundreds of monsters for you to catch
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Pokemon fans can now enjoy a multiplayer adventure in a whole new world. But what exactly does downloading the APK file of this title offer us?

An alternative to Pokemon games

Infinity Island is an MMORPG with colorful 3D graphics inspired by the Pokemon franchise. Here, we will become trainers again to catch all kinds of monsters, train them, and face other players in intense fights.

The mechanics are similar to those of classic role-playing games but adapted to the multiplayer universe. To begin with, we will have to select a trainer and customize the appearance.

Play with hundreds of fun and unique monsters, each with different strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

Then, Pikachu will appear to guide us through our first steps. It will not take long to visit Professor Oak to offer us to choose our first pokemon to go on an adventure.

To play, just tap on the mission box, as is usual in games of this genre. Our trainer will move automatically from one side to the other through the scenarios, although we will have to actively participate in choosing a combat tactic.

All this is completed with lots of events, skills, and hundreds of monsters. If we like Pokemon and the MMORPG genre, this title offers us a new adventure that will captivate us from the very first moment.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Aubjective Games
6 months ago
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