The best MMORPGs for Android

RPGs are much more entertaining when played online with many other gamers like yourself. That’s why we’re offering you this selection of the best MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games for Android

Naruto Mobile English
Naruto Mobile

Naruto game for Android

Naruto: Slugfest 1.0.3 English

Open-world MMORPG based on Naruto

Pocketown 1.6.0 English
Pocketown 1.6.0

Well-designed game based on Pokémon

Genshin Impact 1.1.1_1437351_1398019 English
Genshin Impact 1.1.1_1437351_1398019

An open world RPG where you can join forces with other players

Ninja Heroes 1.1.0 English

A ninja-based RPG full of humor

CABAL Mobile 1.1.28 English
CABAL Mobile 1.1.28

Epic medieval fantasy MMORPG

Pokémon Masters EX 2.3.0 English

The 3v3 Fighting Game between Pokémon Trainers

Digital World 3.4.144 English
Digital World 3.4.144

Game based on the Digimon anime

Monster GO! 1.85.002 English
Monster GO! 1.85.002

Train your creatures and use them to fight

Fantasy Westward Journey 1.183.0 English

The most popular MMORPG in China

Data Squad 19.0.1 English
Data Squad 19.0.1

Digimon-based game for Android

Poke Trip 110.0 English
Poke Trip 110.0

Collect and train powerful creatures to fight

Gacha Club 1.1.0 English
Gacha Club 1.1.0

Create your own characters and prepare them for battle

Crisis: S 1.2.5 English
Crisis: S 1.2.5

Get the antidote to the virus that is killing the world

A3: Still Alive 1.0.12 English

An exciting and complete action MMORPG

Action Taimanin 2.1.16 English

Battle the demons that have invaded Tokyo

Perfect World Mobile 1.331.0 English

Perfect World lands on Android

Blade & Soul Revolution English

Explore a huge scenario in this MMORPG

Mabinogi: Fantasy Life 13.0 English

Game that combines role-playing with virtual life simulation

Raziel 1.8.0 English
Raziel 1.8.0

Game similar to Diablo

Eternium 1.5.18 English
Eternium 1.5.18

Role-playing game for Android

Helmet Heroes 10.6 English

Game which combines platform and MMORPG genres

RAID: Shadow Legends 2.30.0 English

Fight to save Teleria

Illusion Connect 1.0.15 English

Form your 'Radiant' team in this action and strategy RPG

Forsaken World 1.4.0 English

Fantasy MMORPG game featuring a vast open world

Astral Guardians 6.0 English

Explore a magical world in this spectacular MMORPG

Saint Seiya: Awakening English

The Saint Seiya RPG game

Rangers of Oblivion 1.3.0 English

A frenetic MMORPG for Android

Bless Mobile 1.200.208210 English
Bless Mobile 1.200.208210

Korean MMORPG with stunning graphics

Lineage 2M 1.0.43 English
Lineage 2M 1.0.43

The second part of Lineage for Android

Black Desert Mobile 4.3.13 English

Play Black Desert on your Android device

Talisman Online M 1.26.26 English

Choose your warrior and start your own adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure 1.1.78 English

A new episode of the Mobile Legends saga

V4 1.24.260058 English
V4 1.24.260058

A massive games MMORPG

Dragon Raja 1.0.98 English
Dragon Raja 1.0.98

The second chapter of Dragon Raja

Utopia: Origin 2.1.1 English

Fantasty MMORPG in a gigantic utopian world

Samurai Shodown 1.0.1 English

Wake the spirit of the legendary samurai

Inuyasha Awakening 11.1.02 English

A game based on Inuyasha manga and anime

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed 1.3.5 English

LEGO's online RPG

World of Dragon Nest 1.6.1 English

WOD is an open world MMORPG where you get to be a dragon hunter