The best MMORPGs for Android

RPGs are much more entertaining when played online with many other gamers like yourself. That’s why we’re offering you this selection of the best MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games for Android

Genshin Impact 3.5.0_13082099_13156424 English
Genshin Impact 3.5.0_13082099_13156424

An open world RPG where you can join forces with other players

Pokémon Masters EX 2.31.0 English

The 3v3 Fighting Game between Pokémon Trainers

Gacha Club 1.1.0 English
Gacha Club 1.1.0

Create your own characters and prepare them for battle

Black Desert Mobile 4.6.89 English

Play Black Desert on your Android device

Pocket Incoming 1.0.5 English

A turn-based strategic combat game based on the world of Pokémon

Infinity Island 1.0.0 English

Collect, train, and fight with lots of monsters

Naruto Mobile English
Naruto Mobile

Naruto game for Android

Fantasy Elves Adventure 1.0.3 English

Collect and train Pokémon to fight

Pocketown 1.6.0 English
Pocketown 1.6.0

Well-designed game based on Pokémon

Gacha Star 3.2 English

Design your own characters and participate in mini-games with them

Naruto: SlugfestX 1.1.13 English

Open-world MMORPG based on Naruto

Vice Online 0.5.2 English

A kind of mobile multiplayer GTA

One State RP 0.30.4 English
One State RP 0.30.4

An open world MMORPG a la GTA

OP: Voyage Chronicles 1.0.7 English

The game based on the anime and manga One Piece

Hokage Ultimate Storm 1.0.11 English

MMORPG game based on Naruto's universe

Revelation: Infinite Journey 0.17.0 English

An MMORPG where you can be yourself

Helmet Heroes 10.6 English

Game which combines platform and MMORPG genres

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero 50009.3.166 English

The popular manga comes to life in this fantastic MMORPG

Pony Town 1.1 English

A social platform inspired by My Little Pony

MIR4 0.364303 English
MIR4 0.364303

Oriental action RPG in which you can join a clan or form your own

Monster GO! 1.85.002 English
Monster GO! 1.85.002

Train your creatures and use them to fight

Nexomon 3.0.1 English
Nexomon 3.0.1

Pokemon-style game about capturing monsters

Black Clover Phantom Knights 1.2.1 English

Defend your kingdom and create the strongest magic

Rangers of Oblivion 1.3.3 English

A frenetic MMORPG for Android

Data Squad 19.0.1 English
Data Squad 19.0.1

Digimon-based game for Android

Axie Infinity English
Axie Infinity

A world of virtual pets

Call of Dragons English
Call of Dragons

Choose your faction and face the darkness

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds 1.05.010 English

A gripping story to follow on from Genshin Impact

Order & Chaos Online 4.2.5a English

Explore a vast fantasy world with your heroes

Attack on Titan Tactics 1.10.02 English

Strategic role-playing game based on Attack on Titan

Digital World 3.4.144 English
Digital World 3.4.144

Game based on the Digimon anime

Sky: Children of the Light English

An MMORPG with an epic and immersive atmosphere

Epic Treasure 1.1.0 English

A strategic RPG set in a pirate world

Inuyasha Awakening 11.1.02 English

A game based on Inuyasha manga and anime

Era of Legends English

Save Eminoor from the forces of evil

Oath of Peak 1.537.507 English
Oath of Peak 1.537.507

A beautiful MMORPG with oriental aesthetics and blockchain

The World of Magic 2.10.1 English

Colorful MMORPG with very cute characters

Rappelz Online 1.8001.1100 English
Rappelz Online 1.8001.1100

Become a hero in this dark MMORPG fantasy

MARVEL Future Revolution 1.5.3 English

An open-world action RPG featuring Marvel's heroes

Monster Gotcha 1.0 English

Collect and train Pokémon creatures

Samurai Shodown 1.0.1 English

Wake the spirit of the legendary samurai

Dark Legends 2.5.30 English
Dark Legends 2.5.30

Vampire role playing game loaded with dizzying action

Mino Monsters 2 4.0.104 English
Mino Monsters 2 4.0.104

Pokémon-style RPG

Dungeon Hunter 5 6.1.0k English

Defend the kingdom of Valenthia

Old School RuneScape 209.2.5 English

A new installment of RuneScape

Blade & Wings English
Blade & Wings

Great 3D Role-Playing Game

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed 1.17.2 English

LEGO's online RPG

Soul Samurai 1.2.001 English
Soul Samurai 1.2.001

Fast-paced action RPG game based on Bleach

MU Archangel 1.0.7 English

An epic mobile MMORPG

Talisman Online M 1.42.23 English

Choose your warrior and start your own adventure

Poke Trip 110.0 English
Poke Trip 110.0

Collect and train powerful creatures to fight

Vendetta Online 1.8.590 English

Travel through space aboard your ship

Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road 4.4.1 English

New game from the Kingdom Hearts series

Lineage 2M 4.0.17 English
Lineage 2M 4.0.17

The second part of Lineage for Android

DC Legends: Battle for Justice 1.27.15 English

Take part in team battles in an exciting RPG with DC Comics characters

Lineage M 1.7.51a English
Lineage M 1.7.51a

Lineage's world of medieval fantasy

Chimeraland 1.0.8 English

A magnificent open-world RPG with mythical creatures

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai 15.0 English

Hunt down the demons wreaking havoc in Glamland

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest 1.3.3 English

The eternal battle between good and evil in an epic MMORPG

Ragnarok Origin 4.8.1 English

An epic fantasy MMORPG

Dynasty Scrolls 1.6.84 English

2D idle RPG with cute designs

Stormfall: Saga of Survival 1.15.0 English

Survive to fight those who betrayed you

Blade of God 6.1.0 English

Awesome ARPG inspired by Norse mythology

Disney Twisted Wonderland 1.0.6 English

Japanese wizard RPG with a Disney backdrop

Mass for the Dead 1.27.2 English

Team-based MMORPG in a fantasy setting

King's Throne: Game of Lust 1.3.189 English

MMORPG Simulator where you run your own medieval empire

Utopia: Origin 3.6.0 English

Fantasty MMORPG in a gigantic utopian world

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot 8.2.0 English

Get hold of a great loot and take the king's throne

BLEACH Brave Souls 14.3.2 English

A new adventure based on Bleach

Silkroad Online 5.1.17435 English
Silkroad Online 5.1.17435

The charm of Asian MMORPGs in the palm of your hand

Darkness Reborn 1.5.6 English

Defeat the dark forces in this Role Playing Game (RPG) full of action

Fantasy Westward Journey 1.183.0 English

The most popular MMORPG in China

Final Fantasy Awakening 1.17.0 English

The famous JRPG saga lands on your phone with more action

Eternium 1.5.83 English
Eternium 1.5.83

Role-playing game for Android

Flyff Legacy 3.2.49 English
Flyff Legacy 3.2.49

The classic PC game in mobile format

PokeMMO English
PokeMMO r19478

Adaptation of one of the Pokémon games for Nintendo DS

Perfect World: Revolution 1.8.3 English

The fantastic saga continues in vertical format

Sprite Fantasia 6.6.701 English

The long awaited sequel to the MMORPG Grand Fantasia Online

Devil Book 1.20221227.1048 English
Devil Book 1.20221227.1048

A beautiful hand-drawn MMORPG

The Legend of Neverland 1.16.22091417 English

An action-adventure RPG set in a gigantic world

Goddess: Primal Chaos 1.120.091701 English
Goddess: Primal Chaos 1.120.091701

Travel through time and space to defeat the Tyrant

IdleOn! 1.20b.0 English
IdleOn! 1.20b.0

Assemble a team of heroes and team up with other players

Errant: Hunter's Soul 1.1.905 English

Impressive MMORPG set in a world betrayed by the gods

Adventure Time Heroes 1.0.1 English

Help Finn and Jake save the Land of Ooo

Ragnarok Frontier 0.1 English

The classic Korean MMORPG is back

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate English

Strategic action and role game set in a futuristic world

Eternal Sword M 1.8.3 English

Gather a group of heroes and save the world

Evil Lands 2.2.8 English
Evil Lands 2.2.8

MMORPG set in a fantastic world infested with monsters

Toram Online 3.5.9 English

Spectacular MMORPG with lots of customization options

World of Dragon Nest 2.0.4 English

WOD is an open world MMORPG where you get to be a dragon hunter

Dungeon Legends 3.21 English

Conquer countless dungeons in this RPG

Shattered Pixel Dungeon 1.3.2 English

An excellent dungeon-based RPG

Age of Magic 1.45 English

A great epic fantasy MMORPG

Taichi Panda 2.70 English

Online multiplayer role-playing game

Dragon Raja 1.0.199 English
Dragon Raja 1.0.199

The second chapter of Dragon Raja

Dawn of Isles 1.0.21 English

A very colorful MMORPG for Android

Ninja Heroes 1.1.0 English

A ninja-based RPG full of humor

DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE 12.4.1 English

The first official game inspired by the popular anime

CABAL Mobile 1.1.63 English
CABAL Mobile 1.1.63

Epic medieval fantasy MMORPG

Dragon Nest M 1.8.2 English

The most popular MMORPG in South Korea

Demon Hunter: Rebirth English

Become an epic hero and stand up to Lucifer

Fantasy Life 1.7.2 English

Save the land of Reveria in this cute RPG

Curse of Aros 1.26.2 English

Become a hero in this retro MMORPG

The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker 658 English

Journey through the world of The Witcher in this card RPG

Albion Online English
Albion Online

Take part in an MMORPG set in a huge open-world environment

Dragonicle 4.1.5 English
Dragonicle 4.1.5

MMORPG in a world inhabited by dragons

World of Prandis 2.2.5 English

Explore a fantastic world full of magic and dangers

The Tiger 2.0.0 English
The Tiger 2.0.0

Become a tiger in this role-playing game

LUNA M 1.0.537 English
LUNA M 1.0.537

Collaborative MMORPG with PVP fights

SINoALICE 30.2.0 English
SINoALICE 30.2.0

Japanese multiplayer role-playing game with battles in groups of 15v15

Dragon Storm Fantasy 2.9.2 English

Release your inner dragon

Dynasty Legends 9.4.600 English

Fast-paced multiplayer ARPG game

Aura Kingdom 2 9.7.7 English

Join the endless hero's path

Dofus Touch 2.0.7 English

Role-playing game with turn-based battles

World Quest 1.7.0 English

Incremental MMO with exquisite designs

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne English

Build your own empire with swords and fire

Stormfall: Rise of Balur 2.11.2 English

Take on the forces of darkness in this MMO strategy game

EVE Echoes 1.9.23 English
EVE Echoes 1.9.23

EVE Online's adaptation for Android

Spiritwish 1.3.36 English
Spiritwish 1.3.36

Beautiful RPG with manga aesthetics and retro style

Mabinogi: Fantasy Life 13.0 English

Game that combines role-playing with virtual life simulation

Celtic Heroes 3.12.2 English

An action and role-playing game set in a Celtic world

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter 4.21.0 English

Become a hero with extraordinary characters

RuneScape 925_2_4_2 English
RuneScape 925_2_4_2

The Android version of the legendary RPG

Perfect World Mobile 1.563.0 English

Perfect World lands on Android

Elune 2.11.7 English
Elune 2.11.7

MMORPG online fights 5v5

Tera Classic 1.200.2 English
Tera Classic 1.200.2

Android version of the famous MMORPG game

Lumia Saga 1.38 English

A MMORPG in an open 3D world

Guild of Heroes 1.142.5 English

Fight against evil in a fantasy world

RAID: Shadow Legends 6.40.0 English

Fight to save Teleria

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides 1.9.18 English

One of the best auto chess games

Heroes Auto Chess 1.14.6 English

Game that combines chess with MOBA-like RPGs

Raziel 1.9.2 English
Raziel 1.9.2

Game similar to Diablo


Saint Seiya arrives on Android


Build your team of Final Fantasy heroes and fight

Alita: Battle Angel English
Alita: Battle Angel

The MMORPG based on the movie by Robert Rodríguez

Laplace M 2.19.0 English
Laplace M 2.19.0

A medieval epic fantasy MMORPG

FINAL BLADE 1.28.3 English

Reach the throne with the help of our team of heroes

RebirthM 1.00.0190 English
RebirthM 1.00.0190

Fight in a world of epic fantasy

Crown Four Kingdoms 11.5.3 English

A real-time MMORPG

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 1.0.60 English

Explore the world of Rune Midgard

MapleStory M 1.8500.3554 English
MapleStory M 1.8500.3554

Save the world of Maple from destruction

Bit Heroes 2.3.208 English
Bit Heroes 2.3.208

Retro role-playing game for Android

Legion of Heroes 1.9.53 English

Stunning MMORPG with hundreds of missions

Undecember 2.10.0200 English
Undecember 2.10.0200

Fight against the ancestral enemy of the gods

Dragon Trail English
Dragon Trail

Join a young tribal boy and search for his missing father in a fantastic world

Armored God 1.0.9 English

Save the world from darkness in this MMORPG

Rebirth of Chaos 1.55 English

Master the chaos in an epic fantasy world

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT 44.2424.1 English

MMORPG autoplay featuring NFTs

League of Angels: Chaos 2.0.0 English

The gods have chosen you to restore order

Villagers & Heroes 4.82.4 English

Amazing MMORPG with a classic style