Samurai Shodown Android


Samurai Shodown is an action RPG where we will become a samurai and battle against other players in a medieval Japan that has been perfectly recreated

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In Samurai Shodown we will find an excellent Japanese role-playing game set in the medieval Japan of the samurais. We will become one of them and will have to exorcise all kinds of enemies and dangers that will try to finish us off.

Become a legendary samurai

In the game, we will control the character Ukyo Tachibana, a Japanese warrior who will battle against all kinds of enemies with the help of other characters. We will revel in superbly designed settings that recreate the atmosphere of medieval Japan in an epic style.

We will take part in a ton of battles in a world that we will be able to move around freely and interact with other characters and players. To do so, we will control our character with a joystick on the left of the screen and action buttons on the right for attacking and dodging attacks and unleashing special attacks.

Samurai Shodown stands out for its rhythm and playability as well as for some high-quality graphics. All this makes it an action RPG worthy of a mention and that we recommend.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
VNG Game Publishing
Over a year ago
This year
2.2 GB

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