Tarisland Android

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You can now become an epic hero in Tarisland, an exquisite non-P2W MMORPG that offers players exciting raids, challenging dungeons, and fair gameplay


Save a fantasy world on the brink of destruction

November 16, 2023
7 / 10

Tarisland Android is a cross-platform MMORPG for mobile and PC with stunning 3D graphics created by Tencent. The proposal is very similar to that of World of Warcraft, as it invites players to travel through four beautiful regions and eliminate the monsters that are sowing chaos. In addition, the developers emphasize that this is not a P2W and it is not an automated role-playing game.

An epic adventure with stunning designs

Before you start a game of Tarisland APK you need to create a character. To do this, you must choose one of the seven available classes (warrior, mage, ranger, barbarian fighter, priest, paladin, and barbarian), choose their talents and customize their appearance. There are so many options that each character is unique.

A very interesting factor of this title is that it is not a P2W nor are there character improvements in the store. However, the fact that it is F2P does not imply that there are no micropayments. It also bridges the level gap between players by offering a new experience every season.

Multi-layered raids and intricate dungeons.

Download Tarisland and enjoy a fantastic RPG that tries to create a fairer and more sustainable game system. What's more, it even manages to successfully incorporate certain refreshing and very promising dynamics. The downside is that it takes up a lot of space in your terminal's memory.

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