Jack Keane

Avoid that Doctor T manages to destroy all the tea plantations by helping Jack Keane. This graphic adventure will really grasp you, download Jack Keane

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The nineties were without any doubt the golden days for graphical adventure games, because games like Day of the Tentacle, The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam & Max or Broken Sword marked a tendency that lasted till the end of the decade.

  Nowadays, this type of game doesn't achieve the success they did in the past, and they have been replaced by action titles, that have more elaborate graphics and are a lot more dynamic for the player in comparison with the point & click adventures.

  Jack Keane in modern graphical adventure game that has very attractive graphics and a storyline worthy of the best Monkey Island title. We will play the role of a pirate that has been ordered by the Queen of England to transport a secret agent to a small island in the Indian Ocean, where the evil Doctor T has planned to destroy all the tea plantations in the world, except his own, thus becoming incredibly rich.

  The game can be completely controlled with the mouse, using the left button to move in each scene and the right button to interact with the objects and characters that we find.

  Take on the role of pirate Jack Keane and enjoy the first chapter of the game in this demo, and try to prevent Doctor T from destroying one of the British Empires most prized goods.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo version only allows you to play the first chapter.
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