Download Terraria, a sandbox adventure game in 2D that has always been compared to Minecraft due to its great exploration and construction features
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Terraria is one of those games that prove that sometimes you don't need the most spectacular graphics or the most innovating plot to be successful. With a classic 2D platform game format, Terraria has found the key to success.

Inspired by classics but with interesting innovations

It resembles the classic games of the 80's such as Pitfall in which we controlled the movements of an adventurer through jungles and desolate locations which combine superficial and underground settings. Nevertheless, apart from including excellent graphics, Terraria has elements that remind us of RPG games such as carrying out actions to manufacture all the elements needed, using the resources found on the way.

Main features

  • Graphics that resemble those of 16-bit video consoles.
  • Wide range of enemies.
  • Different settings.
  • Combination of action, adventures, and role-playing.

If you're into this kind of game, don't hesitate to download it right now to your Windows PC.

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