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Hello Neighbor is a horror game for Windows PCs where you must sneak into the house of the neighbor to discover the secret that he hides in the basement


Terror game set in the house of the neighbor

September 30, 2021
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The figure of the neighbor has always given rise to all kinds of curious characters. From the pushy Ned Flanders of The Simpsons to the always overacted stereotypes of comedy series in the style of The Coming One, the neighbors have always played a prominent role in many television series and movies. And now, one in particular also stars in one of the most awaited video games of 2017, whose alpha version we can try right now once we download Hello Neighbor for PC.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Basically, it is a stealth horror game with graphics that will remind us of an animated film or cartoon, which approach is as follows: we have just moved to a new neighborhood and our new neighbor does not give us a good feeling. We are sure that he is hiding something in his basement, and of course, we have the great idea of sneaking into his house to discover his biggest secret.

Find out what your adorable neighbor is hiding in his basement.

With this plot, it might remind you of The Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, a film that told us how James Stewart, lying in a wheelchair with his leg in a cast, started to spy on his neighbor whom he suspected of having murdered his wife. Based on a similar principle, we will have to go inside the house of our neighbor using all kinds of tools to knock down walls raised by him and to avoid the rest of the obstacles that we will find in our way in a shocking and frightening game.

But expect nothing like any other game in the horror genre such as Five Nights at Freddy's, Resident Evil, or Alone in the Dark. The scenarios are much less gloomy thanks to the somewhat childlike aesthetic graphics and the game is more about thinking about how to solve different situations than a simple action game.

Requirements to play Hello Neighbor

tinyBuild, the studio behind this popular game, has announced a spin-off called Hello Engineer, in which this 'nice' neighbor, will return to build vehicles with all possible elements to achieve his goals. However, it will only be available on Google Stadia. So, the vast majority of us will have to keep playing their first PC success if we want to continue enjoying this disturbing character. To download Hello Neighbor for PC we only need a computer with the following minimum requirements, quite accessible nowadays:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • Windows 7 operating system (Windows 10 recommended)
  • Processor i5 (i7 recommended).
  • 6GB of RAM.
  • DirectX 11 o 12.
  • 5GB of available hard disk space.
  • A minimum graphics card equivalent to the GTX 770 (a GTX 1060 is recommended)

News from the latest version

  • No changelog available.
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