To kill the shark in Hello Neighbor you must first get the wrench. To do so, we have to enter through one of the windows on the right side of the house that are not walled up:

Window to breakWindow to break

We break the window with any object that we have equipped and that we can get rid of (preferably, with a box or a garbage bag). We enter through the window and find ourselves in the kitchen of the neighbor. The wrench is inside the refrigerator, just open it to find it and take it:

Wrench to open the cage in the gardenWrench to open the cage in the garden

You will see that there is a huge pipe running throughout the house. There are three stopcocks in that pipe, which you must locate and open. In the image below, you will see what they look like. Look carefully, because they are camouflaged in the environment and are not easy to see:

Faucet inside the houseFaucet inside the house

There is also one in the palisade surrounding the house:

Faucet on the fenceFaucet on the fence

And another on top of the pipe in the garden.

Faucet of the pipesFaucet of the pipes

When all the stopcocks are open, the pressure will cause a circular valve to jump, dropping to the ground, and we must pick it up:

Shut-off valve to empty the swimming poolShut-off valve to empty the swimming pool

The next thing now is to return to the back of the house. With the wrench, we open the cage covering the ladder:

Cage on the staircaseCage on the staircase

If we go up the ladder, we will reach the flooded room where the shark is. In this room, there is a door through which we must go, but this creature will kill us as soon as we touch the water, so we have to do something. Remember the valve we picked up earlier? Well. Retrace your steps until you reach the first platform you find as soon as you come from the garden. If you exit to the left and turn around, you will see the faucet where you have to place it:

Tap to empty the flooded roomTap to empty the flooded room

To get there, take a box that you can find around the house of the neighbor (or around the garden) and place it just below the railing on the right. Get on the box, walk to the faucet, and place the valve:

Shut-off valve in its placeShut-off valve in its place

This is a section where keeping your balance is essential, so walk carefully. It is important to note that this entire puzzle takes place during the second act, which has a night and day cycle and progresses as the neighbor captures us (which he will many times). If we now go up to the flooded room, we will see that it is empty and we can go through the door at the end (indicated in the image):

Door to exit the flooded roomDoor to exit the flooded room

This is just another one of the crazy puzzles of Hello Neighbor, inspired by the adventure games of the 90's and their wacky solutions. The main disadvantage we have here, as we have said on other occasions, is that the artificial intelligence of the game will learn from our actions and will complicate the game as we are captured.