There are several ways to bug the neighbor in Hello Neighbor. The first one of them worked until recently, but during our tests, we have not been able to get it to work. However, it may vary in your experience, so let us tell you how to do it so you can test if the method works for you.

  1. First, start by getting his attention. The easiest thing to do is to wait for him to enter the house and knock on the door so that he comes to you.
  2. Go away and wait for him to come out to the fence. Meanwhile, go running to your house (it is right in front of the neighbor's house).
  3. Go up to your room, and stare at him through the window, trying to get him to see you. This will cause him to go after you, climbing in through the window.
  4. When he is about to enter through the window, run and close the door. This way, the neighbor will stay trapped inside until you restart the game or die.

There are other bugs that, according to the game wiki, have not been fixed. They are the following:

  • In Act I, jump on the roof of the car, and if the neighbor comes running up to the car, he may get trapped inside. In our tests, he did not jump.
  • If the neighbor chases you, run in circles around the house, and run to the door that lets you connect the electricity to the second floor, and close it. The neighbor will open it and close it again, thus trapping himself under the door.
  • In very rare cases, the neighbor may appear on the ceiling, above the door leading to the Fear School level, so that his head would be stuck. This bug is confirmed in the game wiki, but we have not been able to get it to work.
  • There is another one that is very difficult to execute and requires you to have achieved the shove skill. Skills are obtained in nightmare levels, which are special mini-games accessed by going through orange doors in the neighbor's house. Try to get the antagonist as close as possible to the line of the wall and knock him down twice. Then, use the crouching shove to push him towards the wall and get him trapped there.
  • This bug and the next one require the shove skill as well. Climb the ladder outside the house, wait for the neighbor to start climbing it, and then, jump down to the ground. Push the ladder with the skill and the neighbor will be trapped on the ground, with only his head sticking out.
  • If you do the above bug incorrectly, the neighbor will end up in the lost and found box, where he will stay for a long time.

Although in the official wiki of the game these bugs appear as not fixed, it is possible that by now, tinyBuild has already done its part to get them patched and corrected.