To access the shooting gallery you need to be running one of the alpha or beta versions of the game, as it has disappeared in the current versions. Other than that, you have to have cleared the classroom room to get the shotgun. Once you have done it, leave the room and enter the door on the left side of the corridor:

Door to enter the rideDoor to enter the ride

When you go through the door, you will reach the shooting gallery, it will be dark as soon as you find it:

Amusement park fair offAmusement park fair off

Now, approach the pedestal at the attraction and leave the shotgun:

Shotgun in its placeShotgun in its place

The ride will power on. You have to score 300 points to get the key that will let you advance in the adventure, so you have to hit 3 targets. To start playing, press the green button next to the shotgun:

Button to start the gameButton to start the game

When you have hit all 3 targets, the key you need will appear behind you:

The prize key is oursThe prize key is ours

It is worth remembering that Hello Neighbor belongs to the stealth horror genre, where we will play the role of a boy who tries to sneak into the house of his sinister neighbor across the street to discover the dark secret he hides in his basement. To achieve this, we will have to rely on stealth, move without being discovered, and above all, avoid being caught by our neighbor.

And why? Not because a particularly horrible fate awaits us (it merely takes us out into the street again), but because the artificial intelligence of the game's main antagonist learns from the user's patterns and uses that information against him: he can block escape routes, set traps on the player's main access routes, and even lead you into traps he has set. The more the neighbor traps the player, the more complicated the game becomes.

In addition to this, Hello Neighbor has a series of puzzles, each one more complicated than the previous one, colorful graphics that look like something out of an animated movie, and a really captivating story when you finally discover it.