Hello Neighbor is an independent adventure, strategy, stealth, and horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild. While the game is not scary, it incorporates mechanics reminiscent of titles such as Penumbra, Amnesia, or the most recent Call of Cthulhu (you are defenseless and you have to hide or run to avoid losing the game). The tension comes more from a sense of suspense, rather than from how scary the game itself can be (although we have to concede that the Neighbor is pretty scary).

What makes Hello Neighbor interesting is that you do not play against a programmed artificial intelligence that is dedicated to making it difficult for you, instead, you play against an adaptive artificial intelligence that learns from your movements and takes them into account to know how to block your strategies. Let's say, for example, that you manage to sneak into the house of the Neighbor by entering through one of the windows that are open. If he discovers you and manages to catch you, from that moment on, the game AI will take this into account and the antagonist will patrol the windows more frequently.

As you can see, not getting caught not only influences your success in the game, but it will also complicate or facilitate the experience depending on how far you get without being discovered. And we have to warn you right now that getting far in Hello Neighbor without the help of a walkthrough is a very, very complicated task. Decision-making on the go is commonly wrong. This game requires a lot of trial and error and restarting a game many times until you finally start to make progress without the AI making your life too hard.

It is not impossible to beat the game, but certainly, without the tricks we give you, it will be difficult. Do not miss the rest of our guide to find out how to discover the dark secrets that Hello Neighbor hides.