When exploring the neighbor's house in the beta and alpha versions of the game, you saw that there was a brick wall that did not seem very solid. This wall can be taken down, and to do so, you need to take a few steps first.

To get here, however, you have to take several steps:

  • Freeze the shark by cutting off the hot water in the bathroom next to the neighbor's bedroom (in the current version of the game the water in the room is drained, in previous versions the water is frozen).
  • From the shark room, take the bell and place it on the pole in the coffin room (remember that there is currently no coffin room).
  • The cabinet containing the shovel will be opened to unearth the teacher's dummy, to be placed in the classroom (neither the teacher's dummy nor the classroom can be found in the current versions).
  • We must solve the mathematical operations in the room with the class, allowing us to collect the shotgun (it will appear in the air).
  • We have to overcome the carnival attraction and collect the key, allowing us to go to the back of the attraction and cross through the gate.

Once we go through it, we will arrive at a secret room. This secret room has a corridor on the right side, and if we follow it, it will lead us to this brick wall at the end:

Brick wall to be knocked downBrick wall to be knocked down

Although it may seem obvious, you need a hydraulic hammer, located in the bathroom on the second floor of the house. To get to it, turn around and go through the door that is blocked by a chair (it always is, it is not supposed to be easy to get to this secret room). You will exit the hallway on the second floor, and now, you will have to get to the bathroom. Go straight ahead from the door of the room and go through the door on your left. You will get to the bathroom, which has a huge hole in the floor that you will have to go around. Just on the other side of the hole, you will find the hydraulic hammer:

Location of the jackhammerLocation of the jackhammer

Pick it up and go back to the brick wall. Now, use the hydraulic hammer with the brick wall to knock it down:

Brick wall knocked downBrick wall knocked down

This is another of the many, many puzzles that Hello Neighbor hides throughout all its hours of gameplay, which combines the mechanics and the need to use creative thinking of the graphic adventures of the 90s with the first-person action more typical of games like Penumbra, Amnesia, or Outlast.