To play on the fairground ride you will have to use the shotgun you get in the classroom. To do so, go to the counter and place it in its holder by clicking the E key:

Shotgun at the foot of the rideShotgun at the foot of the ride

Once you have done so, look to your right and you will see the list of prizes you can win by playing.

The last one, the one with the highest score, is a key. That is the one we need to keep progressing through the game. For each target you hit, you will earn 100 points, and 300 if you hit the last one:

List of prizes of the rideList of prizes of the ride

The key is what we need to keep advancing, so that is our goal.

However, this shooting game is not played as if it were an FPS. To shoot, you must press the green button on the right side of the shotgun:

Button to start the gameButton to start the game

You have to shoot everything that appears in the shooting range and hit at least 3 targets to get the key you are interested in, that will appear in a display behind you.

This type of elements, more typical of those classic adventures such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, or Sam & Max Hit the Road (and titles that try to pick up that aura nowadays, such as Thimbleweed Park), help to form the combination that is Hello Neighbor, which has earned it such a good reception from the specialized press and players.

Hello Neighbor is a game within the stealth horror genre, where the player faces an artificial intelligence that learns from our movements every time we are captured, making the game more and more complicated as we progress.