Juice is free and allows you to save podcast files from the Internet as RSS. Search for your favorite podcasts and enjoy them anywhere you want with Juice

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The majority of users have access to millions of files over the network, and on many occasions the biggest problem consists in working out which are the files that you may be looking for among so much information. If you want to simplify this task when you're looking for music, it's possible that you may want to try out Juice, a software application that will allow you to download your favorite podcasts as if it were an RSS service.

  It's the first ever podcast receiver, and it allows its users to download without any limit no matter where they are. It has support for multiple playback formats, and it has been developed making the most of the GPL license. It includes a folder with a vast amount of podcasts addresses that you'll be able to resort to if necessary, although you'll also be able to add your own.

  Also known as iPodder, Juice allows you to download the podcasts that you're subscribed to in a quick and simple manner. A very good alternative to the omnipresent iTunes, that will set the difference. Thousands of hours of sound within your grasp without any effort, a dream come true for any music lover.
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