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K-Sniper Challenge 3D is a third-person shooter game based on Squid Game and where we will play the role of one of the snipers who take down those who fail

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Squid Game has been an unexpected and unprecedented success on Netflix. So much so that we have witnessed a torrent of games of varying quality that recreate many of the scenes featured in the South Korean series set in a dystopic future where people accused of crimes can gain their freedom by making it through inhuman survival challenges.

Play as a Squid Game sniper

K-Sniper Challenge 3D is a game where we will witness some of the challenges featured in the series, but by playing as a sniper. This means we will have to execute any prisoners that are unable to pass them. To do so, all we have to do is hold a finger down on the screen and take aim by using the sight on our rifle. We will have a limited amount of time to kill the prisoner; if we don't accomplish the mission within the time given or if we shoot the wrong target, we ourselves will be executed.

There are dozens of increasingly demanding levels to play in and our main incentive will be the chance to unlock a range of skins that allow us to customize our character so that the action is even nicer.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
3 months ago
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