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Kubuntu is a Linux distribution that uses KDE as a desktop environment. Download Kubuntu and enjoy an easy-to-use operating system that is very stable


KDE version of the best Linux of all

February 6, 2024
8 / 10

When Ubuntu is updated, Kubuntu follows in its wake, and thousands of fans and users hurry up to download their favourite version. This distribution is identical to that of Ubuntu but using the incredible KDE desktop environment.

A pleasant design and environment for Linux

This distribution includes the latest stable version of KDE, with its Plasma desktop and widget controller and the other innovations that make Mac OS X and Windows 7 look like amateurs at user experience and interface level, and to all this, we have to add Compiz Fusion that takes charge of all the 3D effects. Furthermore, if you install Kubuntu on a netbook its interface will adapt perfectly to its small screen.

KDE is the great innovation and the main difference of this Linux distribution, so all applications have been adapted, from Firefox and Amarok to the integration of some Gnome applications. As usual, Kubuntu includes everything that is necessary to work as soon as it's installed: browser, instant messenger, office suite,...

Everything that is necessary to start enjoying the Linux world or continue doing so. One of the main advantages of KDE, and thus of Kubuntu, is that its environment is relatively similar to that of Windows, so new users that want to try their luck with Linux can start with this distribution, which is one of the most used and highly valued.

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