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5.6.6 LIFE Fasting is a useful virtual platform that will help us handle our intermittent fasting, offering advice, guidance, and a friendly user community
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Fasting is a weight loss method that is becoming more and more popular recently. If you want to try it out, you might want to have some kind of support, both technical and emotional, a place where you can find advice, a community of users and even a watch that shows you the phases your body goes through while fasting.

It is suitable for any kind of fasting.

Monitor your intermittent fasting

The LifeOmic studio has developed this app to help us deal with our intermittent fasting. The platform is intuitive and complete, with a comprehensive collection of articles based on scientific research, advice for both beginners and advanced users, direct access to experts and a community of users where you will find constant support.

It also includes a learning library with articles based on scientific research and tips for beginners and experienced users.

But definitely, the best thing about LIFE Fasting is the fasting clock. This clock, unlike other similar apps, does not just indicate the most appropriate times to eat according to our intermittent fasting, but also shows us the phases our body is going through. It even tells us when we have reached the state of ketosis. Moreover, this watch is complemented by a function that lets us indicate how we feel (euphoric, good, hungry, and more).

On the other hand, this app will also help us control our weight, measurements, and glucose level. We can also participate in fasting circles where users challenge and encourage each other (but be careful not to overdo it).

Set the type of fasting you want to do, set a goal for yourself and start a healthier life today. You can start by downloading the APK file, although it does not hurt to consult an expert.

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