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LoiLoScope is a complete application to edit your videos in HD very easily. Download Super LoiLoScope and share the videos that you edit very easily


Intuitive editor for HD videos

March 2, 2019
8 / 10

One of the problems associated with having a camera to record domestic videos in HD is how difficult it is to find a video editor that is compatible with them.

The ideal complement for our HD video camera

LoiLoScope manages to do so with a rather original and intuitive interface. It can edit, synthesize and record video directly from full HD a lot quicker than any other program of its category, as well as being able to synchronize with a portable device like an iPod or PSP, or upload your videos directly to a YouTube account.

But what really stands out in Super LoiLoScope is its graphic aspect and workflow, that does without windows and toolbars and makes the videos available in a very intuitive way that could even be edited by a kid.

But if what we want to do is edit and mount our domestic videos, with this program and its basic editing functions (effects, mount, treat images,...) we will have enough.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
Leticia Sorivella

My name is Leticia. I really like movies, television, and music. That is why I studied Audiovisual Communication. In the beginning, I wanted to work in movies, but I ended up on television. Then, I went from being behind the cameras to being in...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel