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This MAME4droid emulator allows you to enjoy all of the best games from older consoles and arcade machines straight on your Android smartphone or device

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Nowadays, nostalgia has become big business. Older gamers who still prefer graphics of somewhere between 8 and 32 bits can end up spending thousands of dollars on arcade machine games that are similar to those they once played on in the gaming arcades back in the day. Those who can’t afford to shell out that much tend to install an emulator; whether it be on a Raspberry Pi connected to the TV or straight onto a smartphone or tablet.

The best-known emulator for this kind of machine is MAME, and it gets most of the games from that period working by using their corresponding ROMs. If you are one of those nostalgic types with a limited budget, MAME4droid allows you to execute up to 8,000 games (with varying levels of stability). Among the greatest classics, you’ll find on this app are Metal Slug, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Pang, Bubble Bobble and Megaman; these are just a few, there are hundreds of others that you can access using MAME.

This emulator’s features

  • Play in vertical or horizontal formats.
  • Interface with customizable buttons, from one to six.
  • Compatible with most external Bluetooth or USB gamepads.
  • Video adjustment settings, such as scaling or auto-rotation.
  • Play on the internet using a local Wi-Fi connection.

As always with this type of software, users have to find the ROMs for the games on the internet themselves - they are not included in the emulator; but this is usually easy to do and shouldn’t cause you any headaches.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3
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