Emulators for Android

Download emulator applications for Android and play PC games or titles for consoles such as NES or PlayStations straight from your smartphone or tablet

Happy Chick English
Happy Chick

Android emulator for Gameboy, NES, Mega Drive, and other classic consoles

Dolphin Emulator 5.0-9209 English

Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator for Android

My Boy! - GBA Emulator 1.8.0 English

Emulator for Game Boy Advance

72 in 1 1.21 English
72 in 1 1.21

Atari and Nintendo games on your Android

Citra 0.5.1 English
Citra 0.5.1

Unofficial version of the Nintendo DS emulator

DamonPS2 1.2.11 English
DamonPS2 1.2.11

A decent PS2 emulator for Android

PPSSPP - PSP Emulator 1.7.5 English

PSP emulator for Android

Emu Games Database 2.8 English

An app for fans of retro games

reicast r7 English

Sega Dreamcast Emulator for Android

N64oid 2.7 English
N64oid 2.7

Emulator for Nintendo 64

FPse for Android 0.11.195 English

Powerful PSOne emulator

My OldBoy! 1.5.2 English
My OldBoy! 1.5.2

Nintendo Game Boy emulator

Winulator 2.0.2 Beta English
Winulator 2.0.2 Beta

Emulate Windows on your Android

SwitchDROID 1.0.7 English

Nintendo Switch emulator for Android

DraStic r2.2.1.2a English
DraStic r2.2.1.2a

Nintendo DS emulator

AndroGens 1.17 English
AndroGens 1.17

Mega Drive emulator

GENPlusDroid 1.9.3 English

Emulator of the legendary SEGA Master System

Snes9x EX 1.5.37 English
Snes9x EX 1.5.37

Super NES emulator for Android

N64 Emulator 0.1.6 English

Nintendo 64 emulator for Android

Super N64 Emulator 1.0.3 English

Nintendo 64 emulator for Android

nds4droid 47 English

Convert your Android into a Nintendo DS emulator

AseDS 4.2.0 English
AseDS 4.2.0

Your Nintendo DS games on your Android

ClassicBoy 2.0.3 English
ClassicBoy 2.0.3

An emulator for classic video consoles

SuperGNES 1.7.12 English
SuperGNES 1.7.12

Super Nintendo games on your phone

RetroArch 1.7.3 English
RetroArch 1.7.3

Multi-system emulator free for Android

NDS Boy! 4.8.4 English
NDS Boy! 4.8.4

Bring back your favorite Nintendo DS games