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GameBoid (also known as GBAoid) is a very bare-bones emulator which we can use to transform our Android device into a classic Game Boy Advance console

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Nintendo's first handheld game consoles gave us incredible games. If our old Game Boy Advance doesn't work anymore or we didn't have the chance to play those legendary Nintendo games at the time, now we can on our Android. We just need to download the APK file of this emulator.

Play the mythical GBA games again

If we're looking for a Game Boy Advance emulator for Android devices, GameBoid (or GBAoid) is a great option if we don't want to make our lives too complicated. It is a simple and free app with great functionality.

This tool will transform our Android into a GBA. This way, it will allow us to play games with both horizontal and vertical screen, but we will also be able to load cheats, increase the speed of the games and take screenshots. Also, we can save the game at any time and resume directly where we left off, even if the game itself does not give the option to save.

However, this is a mere emulator, that is, it does not include games (for obvious reasons). To play one of the GBA games we have to have the corresponding ROM. Besides, before playing, we will have to get a Game Boy Advance BIOS file and search manually for the games we have stored in the corresponding folder, which can make the most lazy users lose their way.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 1.5.
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