Mario Forever


Mario Forever is a computer version of the popular Super Mario Bros 3 video game. Download Mario Forever and play for free with the famous plumber

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Mario Forever is an adaptation of the popular platform game Super Mario Bros 3. Our favorite plumber has to face the evil Koopa to save the Mushroom Kingdom. By traveling through different worlds, he'll come face to face with dangerous enemies against which he'll have to use his best attacks.

  Now you'll be able to play this entertaining platform game on your computer. Mario Forever uses very simple controls: the cursor keys to move, Z to jump and X to shoot and run. Mario will have to eliminate the turtles and other creatures that he will bump into on his way. He will also have to pick up as many coins as possible to manage to get more lives. During his travels, he will come across mushrooms that will make him big, and flowers that will give him the possibility to shoot.

  Mario Forever also includes other game modes: Mario Minix. In this mode, you'll have to gather the coins that are falling and kill the enemies that appear, but without having to complete any path.

  Have a good time once again with Mario and his friends, travelling around the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to Mario Forever.
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