McAfee Firewall


McAfee Firewall will protect your from malicious attacks. Establish an effective firewall monitoring any connection once you download McAfee Firewall

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McAfee Firewall should be one of the first barriers that you have on your computer. The Internet is a great means to access information in which you will also find different dangers in the form of viruses, all kinds of attacks and trojans. Now, thanks to McAfee Firewall this kind of threat will be minimized.

  Like any good firewall, McAfee Firewall keeps track of any connection to find out if it is suspicious or on the other hand, if it's secure. Obviously, its job will be to repel any malicious connections and identify those that may be dangerous.

  Once you have configured all your filters and made sure that the applications that you usually use are secured, the truth is that having a protector like McAfee Firewall guarding the security of your computer is one of the most powerful options.

  The interface that you'll find when you download McAfee Firewall for free is somewhat outdated now, even though it is very usable. That is why if you're familiar with Windows, you shouldn't have any problems to configure and use McAfee Firewall.
Requirements and additional information:
Only works on Windows XP. The demo version has certain limitations.
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