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A brand new version of The Backrooms awaits us in Meme Chase, a terrifying first-person game where our character will have to escape from creepy memes

Escape from sinister memes to survive

December 1, 2022
7 / 10

Meme Chase is a disturbing 3D first-person creepypasta action game where we must escape from sinister versions of internet memes. However, we can also play as hunters.

A creepypasta adventure in first person

The game's designs mix Minecraft-like graphics with creepy memes that most players will immediately recognize. In addition, the game takes place in a version of The Backrooms, a frequent setting for creepypasta horror stories.

The more you play, the harder it gets.

The gameplay is very straightforward. The bots have to kill all the humans before time runs out, while the humans have to survive. Regardless of the role the player assumes, this does not change. The power-ups also remain the same: invisibility, scanner, and rampage. In addition, the APK file download includes two game mods (search and hide and find the key), although they are very similar.

Despite its simplicity, this game paid attention to the small details. For example, each meme has a characteristic audio effect. In addition, when they are about to catch up with us, the screen shows us some distressing special effects that put us right into the experience. The downside is the same as in many mobile games: too many ads.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1.
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