It is easy to make your character eat in Minecraft. To eat, you must be in survival mode, where in addition to building, you will have to survive the dangers that lurk out there. If you are playing in the creative or peaceful mode, there is no option to eat, it is something that the nature of the game mode itself does not admit, so you should not worry about finding food and eating it.

First of all, it is necessary and logical to have some food in the inventory. If we do not have it in the visible inventory on the game screen, we will have to incorporate it from the complete inventory. Tap on the three dots icon.

Access to the full inventoryAccess to the full inventory

Tap on any food in the upper inventory, and then tap on a box in the lower margin inventory.

Choose the food and drag it to the bottom inventory boxChoose the food and drag it to the bottom inventory box

This will make food available during the game.

Food added to the inventoryFood added to the inventory

Now, go back to the game and tap the food you want to eat from the slots in your inventory for the character to take it.

A red apple to be eatenA red apple to be eaten

Move your hand by tapping on the right side of the screen and by keeping it pressed, the character will start to take bites of the food and will get chicken legs in the hunger bar in the upper right corner.

Restored hunger barRestored hunger bar

These are the basic steps for eating, but there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • You can only eat when the hunger bar is not complete. In other words, if you have all your food symbols complete, you will not be able to eat (except for fruit, golden apples, and milk).
  • The speed at which the hunger bar is consumed depends largely on the so-called saturation bar. The level of the saturation bar is hidden, but until it is emptied the hunger bar, it does not start to drop. The level of saturation decreases with vigorous activity such as running. Some foods increase the level of saturation and delay the onset of hunger. If the hunger bar is almost full, you are interested in eating foods with a high level of saturation and a low level of hunger (cooked pork chops, steaks, cooked lamb, golden carrots or golden apples).
  • Of course, you can only eat if you have food. There are different ways to get food. You can kill animals to get their meat (there are cows, pigs, chickens, sheep or rabbits), fish them if you have a fishing rod (fish, salmon, clown-fish) or do your own farming and collect fruits (potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, melons). In the case of meat and fish, if you cook the food in an oven, the benefits for the hunger bar will be 3 times greater and up to 5 times greater for the saturation bar, and although it is possible to eat raw meat, be very careful with raw chicken (there is a 30% chance of poisoning) and other non-safe foods.
  • By combining ingredients, you can get other foods such as bread (combining wheat), cakes (combining milk, eggs, sugar, and wheat), cookies (combining wheat and cocoa beans), and more. They do not add much to the saturation bar but they help you recover if you are hungry. In the case of golden carrots and golden apples (combining either with gold nuggets), the benefits are greater.
  • Avoid poisoning, some foods are already non-safe or can cause problems if not cooked properly before consumption. Raw chicken has a 30% chance of making you sick as we have seen, rotten meat 80%. Avoid blowfish and spider eyes at all costs (100% chance of making you sick). Each food can cause different amounts of health loss; drink milk to counteract its effects.