In Minecraft, we can get coal in several different ways. Coal is the fourth most efficient fuel in the game for the oven, you will find it very useful.

Breaking a block of coal ore

If you break a block of coal ore, you will get carbon in its object form. That is, you must locate it on the stage and mine it with some tool. Carbon is one of the most abundant materials in the game and can be found almost anywhere and in veins of various blocks. You will find coal ore among the boulders, in elevations, caves, or seabeds, no matter what the altitude is. Look for a block of coal ore on the stage.

Locate a coal ore blockLocate a coal ore block

Use a pickaxe or any other tool to break the block. If you mine the block with an enchanted pickaxe, with some luck, you can get more units of coal from an ore, and if you do it with an enchanted pickaxe with silk, you can get the whole block.

Break down the blocks to get coalBreak down the blocks to get coal

Killing a Wither skeleton

If you can eliminate one of these monsters, you will get carbon in its item form. Wither skeletons are hostile creatures from the underworld fortresses that can give us coal as a reward after killing them, however, they can also drop bones, so you will not always get the ore.

Kill a wither skeleton and you might get coalKill a wither skeleton and you might get coal

Create a furnace and burn wood

There are two types of coal: normal and vegetable. To get coal, you will first have to find wood to create a crafting table. Once you have it, you will have to combine wood in it again to create a wooden pickaxe, which you will use to mine stone. Once you have the stone, you can build the oven on the same table and then burn wood in it to obtain the coal.

Create a furnaceCreate a furnace

Keep in mind that you will need more wood or other fuel, coal is also valid. This method involves time and more resources.

Burn wood in a furnace to get charcoalBurn wood in a furnace to get charcoal

With 9 coals, you can make a carbon block, helping you to free up space in your item inventory. The only difference between normal coal and vegetable coal is the way it is obtained. Also, they cannot be stacked together and vegetable coal cannot be used to form blocks.