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Fuse two identical monkeys to make your creatures evolve and mutate in Monkey Evolution, an entertaining clicker featuring a lot of different species

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Who said that monkeys evolved into humans? Whoever it was, they sure didn't try this casual game by the Tapps Games studio. Download the free APK file and get ready to go ape while you fuse primates and experiment with different mutations.

The mutant monkeys clicker game.

Change the history of monkey evolution

Monkey Evolution is a fun incremental fusion game with doodle designs where players have to combine monkeys and create new ones. That is, your classic combination game, with an original and crazy starting point.

You will begin your adventure merging two simple monkeys. To do that, all you have to do is drag them on the screen. When joining them, you will be making it mutate into a new and more evolved species. The higher the level of your monkeys, the more automatic gains you get.

With the money, you can buy more apes, enhancements, powerups, and complements to customize your primates. You also have access to an editor to paint your monkeys whichever color you like.

Combine different and amazing monkeys and exceed your imagination mixing these crazy and funny jungle clowns!

Monkey Evolution is not a particularly original game. Still, it invites players to experiment with the evolution of species, science, and some fascinating monkey mutations. And to top it all, both the 2D graphics and the music are hilarious.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
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