With Multiquence you will be able to create your own videos combining images and sound. Take several independent files and create your film with Multiquence

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If you need to edit a video and an audio file with the intention of combining them and you don't want to make the process too complicated, Multiquence is a software application that can make the process a lot easier. With this program it is very simple to edit several files to mount one in a satisfying and easy way.

   Multiquence accepts any AVI, WMV, MOV video file as well as MP3 audio files and audio directly from a CD without any problem. The sound will be perfectly balanced thanks to the master output that will normalize the volume. The videos can be edited and moved without any problem.

  Obviously, Multiquence has a sound equalizer and several different effects that can be applied to the videos to enhance them before merging them with the audio in a single file.

   With this editor, we'll be able to generate videos however we want, using the options that DirectX Audio offers us and the available video plug-ins the quality of which, despite not being as high as in other professional applications, is more than enough for the majority of users.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations.
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