Mupen64 is an emulator of the popular Nintendo 64 game console. Download Mupen64 for free on your PC and play the classic Nintendo games on your computer

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There are plenty of emulation applications on the current market, even up to three or four for each of the consoles that have be launched over the years, and when it comes to using a program to emulate the Nintendo 64, one of the best options is Mupen64.

  This application uses an array of plug-ins to be able to emulate the graphics of the famous N64 by Nintendo, so as to allow the users to enjoy the great games that were developed for this game console, that was the first to implement the use of a 64-bit processor.

  It's worth noting that this emulator will allow the user to play both from a window as well as using fullscreen mode, will a full list of additional video and audio options. Furthermore, it allows the full configuration of up to a total of four controllers, being possible to configure either a gamepad or the keyboard.

  Thus, if you want to enjoy Super Mario 64, Fifa 64 and The Legend of Zelda once more, but you no longer have access to your old Nintendo 64, download and install Mupen64.
Requirements and additional information:
Depending on the operating system and the graphics card it is possible that it may be necessary to select a specific plug-in for the games to work. This download doesn't include any ROMs with games.
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