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Protect the youngest members of the house from adult contents on the Internet and keep an eye on what happens on your computer by downloading Net Nanny

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Net Nanny is a parental control system for your Internet connection that makes it possible to avoid access to content that is not recommendable for some members of the family, especially children. Thanks to this program, you will be able to filter the contents visible on your network.

Control the Internet access of your kids

Avoid the smaller ones accessing websites that aren't recommendable or playing video games that aren't appropriate for their age. Block access to these sites and only allow those that are advisable and secure. You can even control your children's activity on social networks. You can also keep a timed control of the connections established, with the day and time in which it will be possible and when access will be denied.

Now you can configure Net Nanny using the secure search options of the main search engines such as Google or Yahoo!, that will also block any contents that aren't recommendable in searches that have taken place. Any kind of modification to the program or the configuration of the search engines will demand your username and password, making sure that your configuration isn't altered.

The application is even capable of blocking contents of other languages and can be controlled remotely from any Internet connection. It can act on instant messaging programs and is capable of notifying by mobile phone if somebody tries to bypass your security.

Handling the application is very simple for parents, it installs quickly and it has a clear interface from which it's possible to perform the adjustments necessary. Net Nanny can even recommend which contents are appropriate or not depending on the user's age.

Download Net Nanny now and make the Internet a safer place for the members of your household.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be used for 14 days.
  • The installation requires that you have an Internet connection.

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