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Fight in thrilling battles against ninjas and warriors in Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill, an impressive fighting game with an old-school, retro feel

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The Dragon Nar studio puts in our hands this fighting and action game that's come to be known as a "geek game for geeks". We find a lot of old manga and anime acquaintances willing to throw punches left and right. Choose your team of warriors, ninjas and samurai and get busy.

Fight with (and against) your favorite manga characters

Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill is an excellent fighting game with an attractive pixel art look and several game modes. To begin with, you can choose to play with a team of warriors or play solo, either in arcade mode or against the machine.

The character roster is simply breathtaking. You can choose from lots of characters from the Naruto and Bleach series, and even some from Rurouni Kenshin. You can also choose another character to support you in your fight.

Each character has their own characteristic attacks, perfectly animated and executed with a great fluidity of movement. To play, we can activate the different skills with the six touch buttons on the right side of the screen, while we can move with the crosshead in the lower left corner.

40 ninja characters from the world of anime.

This game also includes character voices, varied settings with several action levels and a cool soundtrack with oriental touches. In addition, the graphics have a delicious classic feel, transporting us to the era of 16-bit 2D fighting games.

This is an extraordinary and very fun game that will delight all manganime fans. The only "but" might be that the menu system isn't completely tactile and we'll have to pull the direction arrows in the traditional style, which can be a bit unintuitive during the first few games.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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Laura Stutt
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