Fighting Games for Android

Games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat have helped to popularize the fighting game genre that you can now fully enjoy on your smartphone or tablet

Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition English
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

One of the most classic fighting games

LEGO Ninjago Tournament English

Take part in a ninja tournament starred by LEGO figures

Gang Beasts 1.0 English

Atypical fighting game for Android


Dragon Ball game with an original plot

The King of Fighters 97 1.4 English

Android version of SNK's The King of Fighters

Mortal Kombat X 2.0.1 English

Mortal Kombat is back

Legendary Z Warriors 1.1 English

Retro-looking Dragon Ball fighting game

TEKKEN 1.4.1 English
TEKKEN 1.4.1

Relieve your stress kicking some ass

Fightback 1.8.0 English
Fightback 1.8.0

Settle your scores with a grudge fight

Dragon Ball: Tap Battle 1.4 English

A decent 2D fighting game with Dragon Ball characters

Final Fighter 0.32.5 English

3D fighting game

KOF ALLSTAR - The King of Fighters 1.0.3 English

The classic The King of Fighters saga on your Android

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends 1.11.39 English

Fight next to Ninja Turtles

WWE Champions 0.350 English

Play with all your wrestling heroes

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition 1.01.01 English

Street Fighter 4 lands on Android

WWE 2K 1.1.8117 English
WWE 2K 1.1.8117

Live the intensity of WWE wrestling

WWE Immortals 2.6.3 English

The most stunning and extreme wrestling

Minibash 1.31 English
Minibash 1.31

Design your fighter in this minimalistic fighting game

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 English

The Dragon Ball Z game about turn-based combats

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars 2.0.1 English

Official Power Rangers video game for Android

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem 13.1.6 English

Crazy fights between Looney Tunes characters

Shadow Fight 3 1.13.3 English

Fighting game full of samurais and ninjas

Saiyan Legends 2.0.3 English

Fighting game based on Dragon Ball

Battle of Saiyan 1.56 English

Battles between Dragon Ball characters

EA Sports UFC 1.9.3418328 English
EA Sports UFC 1.9.3418328

The best fighting game brought to you by EA Sports

Real Steel Boxing Champions 2.1.156 English

Robot fighting game

Drive Ahead! 1.65.1 English
Drive Ahead! 1.65.1

An essential game about car battles in stadiums

Gods of Rome 1.9.5c English
Gods of Rome 1.9.5c

Fighting game based on Roman and Greek mythology

My Brute 7.5.3 English
My Brute 7.5.3

Multiplayer fights in the cave age

Real Steel 1.31.1 English
Real Steel 1.31.1

Fighting game based on the movie

Gang Fighters Online 0.1.0 English

Crazy street fighting game with jelly-like characters

WWE Mayhem 1.6.243 English
WWE Mayhem 1.6.243

One of the most realistic WWE wrestling games

Kung Fu Do Fighting 10.4 English

Fighting game similar to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 37.37.166 English

Fighting game based on Real Steel

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars 2.7 English

Robot fighting game featuring cats

Monster Rivals 2.9 English

Take part in monster combats to become the best

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.5.2 English

An RPG game with the main Disney and Pixar character

WWE Tap Mania 17811.22.1 English
WWE Tap Mania 17811.22.1

WWE wrestling game with card and clicker game elements

MARVEL Strike Force 2.3.1 English

Build your own fighting team of MARVEL heroes and villains

Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.1.123 English

Create a trio of invincible robots