The best fighting and combat games for Android

If you’re keen on punches, flying kicks, right hooks or chokeholds, you can’t miss out on our category with the best fighting and combat games for Android

Shadow Fight 2 2.31.5 English

A great fighting game with role-playing elements

Mortal Kombat X 5.1.0 English

No introduction needed: Mortal Kombat for Android


Dragon Ball game with an original plot

Dragon Ball: Tap Battle 1.4 English

A decent 2D fighting game with Dragon Ball characters

WWE Immortals 2.6.3 English

A spectacular extreme wrestling game

Ninja Return: Ultimate Skill 2.0.1 English

Master the ninja arts in this thrilling fighting game

Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition English
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

One of the most classic fighting games

Legendary Fighter: Battle of God 2.9.5 English

Epic pixel art combat

Super Saiyan: Fighter Fusion 9.0.0 English

Fight and defeat your enemies in the world of Dragon Ball

The King of Fighters 97 1.0.4 English

Android version of SNK's The King of Fighters

Power Warriors 5.0 English

Live a Dragon Ball-style adventure

Legendary Mini Warriors 1.4 English

Old-school 2D fighting game

Gang Beasts 1.0 English

Atypical fighting game for Android

Legendary Z Warriors 1.1 English

Retro-looking Dragon Ball fighting game

Gods of Rome 1.9.7a English
Gods of Rome 1.9.7a

Fighting game based on Roman and Greek mythology

My Brute 7.5.3 English
My Brute 7.5.3

Multiplayer fights in the cave age

LEGO Ninjago Tournament English

Take part in a ninja tournament starred by LEGO figures

Last Storm: Ninja Heroes Impact 12.0.0 English

Fighting game featuring Naruto and company

Super City 1.240 English
Super City 1.240

Superhero simulator with frequent beatings

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition 1.03.03 English

Street Fighter 4 lands on Android

Battle of Saiyan 1.56 English

Battles between characters from Dragon Ball

WWE Universe 1.4.0 English

WWE wrestling game

Ultimate Tenkaichi Dragon Tag Tim Ball Z Budokai 2.8 English

Frantic fighting game based on Dragon Ball

WWE Mayhem 1.65.227 English
WWE Mayhem 1.65.227

One of the most realistic WWE wrestling games

TEKKEN 1.5 English

Relieve your stress kicking some ass

Wrestling Empire 1.5.9 English

Become a wrestling star

Fighting Tiger 2.7.1 English

Kick some ass to get out of a criminal gang

Fightback 1.8.0 English
Fightback 1.8.0

Settle your scores with a grudge fight

Burst To Power 1.4.1 English

Epic battles with an anime style

Sarkar Infinite 3.3 English

Vijay's official Indian film game

Kimetsu Fight 0.1.1 English

Combat game inspired by Kimetsu no Yaiba

Ultimate Shippuden: Ninja Impact Storm 1.6 English

Fighting game featuring Naruto characters

Injustice: Gods Among Us 3.4 English

Create your team of DC villains and heroes

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 55.55.121 English

Fighting game based on Real Steel

Manok Na Pula 6.5 English

Cockfighting at its darkest and daftest

Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos 1.11 English

Fighting game starring manga and anime heroes

Virtual Gym Fighting 1.10.10 English

A gym fighting game with bodybuilders

Kung Fu Do Fighting 2.8.5 English

Fighting game similar to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

SINAG 1.2.1f9 English
SINAG 1.2.1f9

Fighting game with an innovative aesthetic

Clash of Fighters 1.0.74 English

Beat up your opponents in this fierce fighting game

BLOOD & GLORY: LEGEND 2.0.2 English

Mythology-inspired fighting game

Swords and Sandals 2 2.2.3 English

Gladiator fighting game

Goku Ultra Xenoverse Z 2 English

Fighting game with Dragon Ball characters

Stickman Pirates Fight 3.1 English

Defeat other pirates in this minimalist fighting game

Stickman Shinobi 2.9 English

Intense ninja fights with minimalist dummies

Nine Tails Legend 1.0.1 English

Protect the ninja village from enemy attacks

Double Dragon 4 1.0 English

The Double Dragon saga strikes again

Wrestling Revolution 3D 1.71 English

Throw punches and become the champion of professional wrestling

Metal Revolution 1.0.14 English

Aesthetic cyberpunk fighting game

Knights Fight 2 1.1.12 English

Epic battles of medieval knights

Fist of the North Star 4.4.0 English

The Hokuto no Ken game for Android

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight 2.5 English

Stickman tribute to Dragon Ball

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR 1.14.2 English

The classic The King of Fighters saga on your Android

Shadow Fight 3 1.33.1 English

Fighting game featuring samurai and ninjas

WWE Champions 0.583 English

Play with all your wrestling heroes

The King of Fighters ARENA 1.0.2 English

Return to fight alongside Kyo Kusanagi and Co.

Gum Gum Battle 0.2.23 English

Attack your enemies with your warrior's elastic limbs

Poppy Stickman Fighting 1.0.9 English

Poppy fights stickman-style superheroes

SNK FORCE: Max Mode 1.1.0 English

A fighting RPG with characters from SNK fighting games

Super Stickman Heroes Fight 3.1 English

Minimalist superhero combat

Ninja Game 24 English

Mortal Kombat-style fighting game

Karate King Fight 1.9.0 English

Hilarious martial arts game in 3D

Bloody Bastards 3.0.3 English

Simple but fun medieval fighting game

Booking Revolution 1.932 English

Peculiar wrestling game for Android

Dragon Ball: Z Super Goku Battle 1.0 English

Combat with the characters of Dragon Ball Z

Shadow Fight Arena 1.7.15 English

The version of Shadow Fight with real-time PvP combats

Kung Fury: Street Rage 1.26 English

Fight side-by-side with Kung Fury and his friends in a hilarious retro arcade

Satria Heroes 1.13 English

Fighting game starring the characters of Satria Garuda Bima-X

I, The One 1.4.7 English
I, The One 1.4.7

Kick your opponents off the battlefield with a host of combat techniques

Ninja World War 1.0 English

Team battles starring the characters of Naturo

Takashi Ninja Warrior 2.1.23 English

Help the Takashi ninja combat corruption in Japan

Stick Shadow: War Fight 2.0.3 English

Enjoy Dragon Ball Z's battles performed by stickmen

Stickman Battle 1.0.46 English

Superhero battles with stickmen

Superheroes 4 Fighting Game 1.5 English

Fighting game starring superheroes

Steel Street Fighter Club 3.02 English

Boxing game featuring robots

Stick Fight English
Stick Fight

Take part in several combats to death

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem 36.2.0 English

Crazy fights between Looney Tunes characters

Final Fighter English
Final Fighter

3D fighting game

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.1 English

An RPG game with the main Disney and Pixar character

Drive Ahead! 3.11.0 English
Drive Ahead! 3.11.0

An essential game about car battles in stadiums

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 5.14.0 English

The Dragon Ball Z game about turn-based combats

Robot Duel 1.0.1 English
Robot Duel 1.0.1

Fight using cubic robots

Flash Party English
Flash Party

Super Smash Bros. style 1v1 fights

Block Fighter 0.0.23 English

Battles with fighters made of blocks

Wrestling Trivia Run 1.0.29 English

Train your champion, run, and participate in wrestling matches.

Vita Fighters .91 English

A very square fighting game

Street Fighter: Duel 1.1.2 English

Another smartphone installment of the most legendary fighting game franchise of all time

Gang Battle 3D 4.9.8 English

Disparate pitched battles in full color

Fight Master 0.2.2 English

Send your opponents through the air in crazy boxing matches

TOYS: Crash Arena 2.0.7 English

Design a toy car and destroy your opponents

Draw Action 1.6.0 English

Fight by drawing attacks on the screen

Stickman Clash 6.2.6 English

Crazy combats with improbable weapons

Merge Anything 3.0.7 English

Merge all kinds of objects to create warriors

Humans Scuffle 1.0.0 English

A fighting game with fighters from different eras and universes

Ninja Sword 0.8.2 English

Fight grid puppet fights

Stickman Ninja 2.5 English

Intense ninja combat made simple

Anime: The Multiverse War 1.8 English

Your favorite manga characters get into a fisticuffs fight

Robot Super 1.1.3 English

Robotic version battles featuring your favorite superheroes

Angle Fight 3D 0.7.29 English

Set up your warrior to destroy the enemies

Slapstick Fighter 3941.6.3 English

Stickman type monkey fighting game

Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior 3.2.8 English

Become a boxing champion

Tiny Gladiators 2.4.4 English

Epic fights of big-headed warriors

Rumble Arena 2.3.4 English

An interesting alternative to Smash Bros

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter 0.2.0 English

Crazy fighting game featuring a stickman

Stickman The Flash 1.66.3 English

Stick man becomes a legendary warrior

Drunken Wrestlers 1.182 English

Fighting game where the wrestlers move as if they were drunk

Match Hit 1.2.2 English
Match Hit 1.2.2

A mixture of fighting game and match 3 puzzle game

Ragdoll Fighter 1.0.1 English

Casual stickman style fighting game

Stickman Karate 1.3 English

The man with sticks becomes karateka

Brutal Street 2 1.2.6 English

Delicious combination of beat 'em up, RPG and gangsters

MegaBots Battle Arena 3.64 English

Build the best combat robot 1.1.11 English 1.1.11

Kick your opponents out of the combat area.

Smash Champs 1.7.9 English

Train the ultimate fighter

Thrilling Fencing Master 1.5.9 English

Crazy 2D fighting game

Super Dragon Shadow Fight 1.3.4 English

Tacky but cute fighting game featuring Dragon Ball inspired characters

Bad Girls Wrestling Rumble 1.5.6 English

Female wrestling game with a measure of realism

Gang Boxing Arena English

Fun and mayhem in this multiplayer boxing game

Gladiator: Hero of the Arena 1.0.0 English

Casual Gladiator Fighting Game

Draw Coliseum 0.53 English

Combats to the death with spinning tops armed with sharp blades

Tag Team Karate Fighting 3.1.5 English

Fighting and kung-fu combat game

UFB - Ultra Fighting Boss 1.1.27 English

Delirious two-dimensional wrestling

WWE Undefeated 1.6.3 English

WWE Strategic Fighting Game

Tag Team Wrestling 7.6 English

Peculiar 3D wrestling game

Wresting Cage Championship 6.5 English

Feel all the excitement of cage fighting

Wrassling 1.4.1 English
Wrassling 1.4.1

Peculiar retro-style wrestling game

Rowdy Wrestling 1.1.6 English

Retro wrestling game

Mr Fight 1.5 English

Crazy wrestling game

Kick Kings 2.1.3 English
Kick Kings 2.1.3

Kick your way to victory

What the Fight 1.4.2 English

Entertaining casual street-fighting game

The Muscle Hustle 2.0.4919 English

Original wrestling game with spinning top mechanics

Beat Street 1.4.3 English

Beat the punks and thugs in your town

Glory Samurai English
Glory Samurai

A beat 'em up starring Bruce Lee

Kung Fu Attack English
Kung Fu Attack

Master the techniques of kung fu in this beat 'em up starring Bruce Lee

Martial Arts Brutality 1.104 English

Tactical card fight game

Karate Fighting Warrior 1.1.5 English

Defeat your opponents with karate techniques

Gladiator Glory 5.14.2 English

Roman gladiator fighting game

Mutants Genetic Gladiators 72.441.164675 English

Engage in 3-on-3 mutant battles

Anime Crystal 6.3 English

Defeat your opponents in multiplayer battles

City Fighter vs Street Gang 2.1.2 English

Old school beat'em up fighting game

Skullgirls 5.1.3 English
Skullgirls 5.1.3

Classic fights with customized fighters

Warriors of the Universe 1.6.8 English

Anime fighting game with retro style and numerous options

Karate Do 2.0.8 English
Karate Do 2.0.8

Master the way of karate

Ninja Warrior 1.22.1 English

Become a ninja warrior

Stickman Warriors 3.0 English

Stickman fights everyone in this game

Dinosaurs Free Fighting Game 1.7 English

Well, it is all there: a dinosaur fighting game

Real Wrestling 3D 1.10 English

Become the master of the ring in this wrestling game

Super Hero Fighter 6.82 English

Fighting game with legendary heroes

Real Steel Boxing Champions 2.5.221 English

Robot fighting game

Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.2.113 English

Create a trio of invincible robots

Minibash 1.31 English
Minibash 1.31

Design your fighter in this minimalistic fighting game