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Can you imagine a fighting game where the characters are made of building blocks that break down when damaged? Well, it exists and is called Block Fighter


Battles with fighters made of blocks

May 8, 2023
7 / 10

We all have experienced the pain of seeing a hand-assembled construction set come apart piece by piece. Block Fighter APK plays with this idea, offering a lighthearted and original concept starring fighters made with building blocks.

Blocks instead of blood

The Block Fighter Android app is an innovative fighting game with minimalistic 3D graphics. Something extremely cool about this game is that the fighters are made out of LEGO building blocks. Additionally, they move like puppets.

Playing this game is very easy, as we will only need one finger to fight and attack. The difficulty lies in the fact that the character's movements are erratic because they behave like rag dolls.

Defeat your enemies and become the champion!

To win, we have to defeat all the enemies, either by hitting or throwing them against the obstacles of the scenarios. A character is defeated when its body is completely destroyed. In other words, you can keep fighting even if you have no head or legs.

Overall, this game provides a simple, fun, and crazy experience. The best thing about it? We can download Block Fighter for free and immerse ourselves in this crazy squared world.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.1.
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