Takashi Ninja Warrior Android

2.1.23 Join the fun with Takashi Ninja Warrior, a game full of action, adventures and combats in real time that is set in a medieval, fantastic and corrupt Japan
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Takashi is a fierce warrior in a dark and corrupt world. Face the forces of evil and help him save his people in this delightful game of Horizon Games studio, which mixes elements from combat in real time, adventures and RPG.

Break through the shadows

Takashi Ninja Warrior is a game with frenetic action and lots of battles. However, the title is quite deceitful, as the character we will control looks a lot more like a samurai than a ninja. To enjoy this dark and bloody game we will have to move forward through settings eliminating our enemies and the bosses, both through silence or with Takashi's varied weapons.

A heroic adventure of ninja warriors set in medieval times with elements of RPG.

To control our streaker samurai we will have to make him move through the scenarios with our left thumb, while with the left one we can activate his different attacks and skills, such as jumping, dodging or using the weapon he has at that moment. Its gameplay is delightful; the flow of the movements is wonderful and the battles are dynamic and amusing.

For their part, the graphics are a marvel. You will be surprised not only with beautifully designed characters, but also with magnificently conceived settings; you can enjoy elaborate temples, the beauty of nature and cherry blossoms. And everything sided with a cool soundtrack with eastern touches that will make us immerse fully into action.

Explore this fantastic world through the eyes of Takashi and help him fight corruption to liberate this beautiful land. Download the APK file of this game, what are you waiting for?

Requirements and additional information:
María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
Horizon Games
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
110.4 MB

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